Winter Safety Tips

Winter is here again, and that means the holidays, food, and family! It also means snow, cold, and ice, and we all need to be prepared for what can happen in wintry conditions. Check out these winter safety tips and stay safe this winter!

1. Keep informed – check the weather report before you go outside.

2. Keep warm – stay dry and dress in layers that can be easily removed.

3. Clear your path – keep your home walkways free of ice and snow.

4. Dress for winter weather – frostbite can happen in less than a minute, so cover as much exposed skin as possible.

5. Stay visible – wear bright-colored clothing in snowy weather.

6. Stay active and safe – watch out for hazards while you are outside.

7. Plan your route – know the heated buildings in your neighborhood such as libraries, malls, restaurants, etc.

8. Walk safe – winter boots should be comfortable with a wide and low heel.

9. Stay hydrated – drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol and excessive caffeine, which can lead to dehydration.
In addition to the tips above, you should also have a basic emergency kit ready during the winter months. Below are the items you want to have in your emergency kit.

• At least 3L of bottled water per person per day
• Canned food and a manual can opener
• Flashlights and batteries
• First aid kit
• Extra keys and cash
• Important documents in a waterproof container
• Sanitation supplies and basic toiletries
• Prescription medications
• Blankets or sleeping bags

By knowing the risks, creating a plan, and having an emergency kit ready, you can stay safe all winter long!

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