How Top Brands Use Twitter

How Top Brands Use Twitter

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Social Media Optimization. It is time to transition from the general idea of SMO to a specific tool prevalent in today’s Social Media world, Twitter. Let’s focus on the top brands that use this tool most effectively.

Twitter is one of the top tools we use here at Sutherland. We have begun using best practices to figure out how to improve our presence. This article uses an in-depth study to outline some of the top brands active on Twitter. Here is a graphic to put things into perspective:

Twitter Account Details

As you can see, most of the top brands on Twitter are top brands in general. Everyone knows what McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Google are. These companies had extraordinary brand awareness before Twitter was invented. They leverage Twitter as a powerful tool to market themselves.Some do it better than others:

  • @eBay has mastered total engagement, which is basically what your audience does for you and how you interact with them. The sum of all sums. The end-all be-all.

o   Key – engage with your audience.

  • @MTV is amazing at gaining followers. It is normal for celebrities to have followers in the eight digits, but MTV has done an effective job of getting people to latch on. One reason why is that they also follow a lot of people (29K), so it’s a give and take.

o   Key – follow, be followed!

  • @pizzahut tweets all of the time. If you are sending out 34,000 tweets over three months, that’s 333 tweets per day! The sheer volume alone will attract people, no matter what you are selling or who you are.

o   Key – Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Can I say it more? Tweet!

  • @nokia has a great ratio of total tweets to @replies tweeted.

o   Key – Try to respond to every question, answer, and more!

  • @Disney does an amazing job of posting links (95%) along with every tweet. Tweeting links gets a huge response and boosts engagement rate. It gives people a reason to want to learn further about your brand.

o   Key- Give the people reason to respond. Make it showy and flashy. People like shiny objects!

The big key is being engaged with your users. A quote from the article says, “While top brands are dedicating resources to brand promotion, many aren’t engaging with users in a one-on-one capacity”. They try to push out their own content, and assume people will follow. This is the wrong approach. Recognizing the efforts someone has taken to reach out to you makes all the difference in the world.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition of SMO and our take on the Social Media tool, Twitter. We will see you next week!

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