Tips of the Trade Directly from the Source: IT Manager´s Opinion

We want you to become part of our company, and to complement what we previously have talked about, we went a little bit further. We spoke directly to people within the operation, our managers, and talked with them regarding the roles playing out. We got their point of view on what it takes to become part of our outstanding team, which is growing exponentially, and how to excel in your future role.

After our talk, we can summarize everything into the following points.

  1. Get certified. Five of the most relevant certifications are Microsoft Windows Servers, Cisco Networking, Microsoft and Oracle SQL, and Avaya/Cisco VoIP. You must possess a huge desire to learn and focus on self-study processes for career development. You must possess a high commitment to reading, writing, and technical skills to accomplish troubleshooting scenarios.
  1. Improve your English. One of our major requirements is professionals with a high conversational English level. This is a key factor in the first filter interviews, and it´s also important because communication skills will define customer satisfaction with our business partners; basically, it will define the excellent customer experience they will be having. This includes providing high and complete reviews on all activities and deep analysis for relevant scenarios.
  1. Procure Enterprise Experience. Multinational companies will always offer better worldwide visibility in the IT industry, and will also help you incorporate yourself in the professional U.S. culture environment. This will help you obtain ethical values related to career development and management, in order to sustain and get better each day. Experience in multinational companies also creates foundations for relations between coworkers and the entire personnel, even if there are differences of any kind or matter.
  1. Develop your skills. It is not only about being certified, it is also about you being able to back up the “know how” acquired with your developed skill set. There are plenty of online training based opportunities out there in the market for you to get skills in Windows Server Administration, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft SQL DBs, and Voice Over IP. Candidates must also have multitasking skills related to the role and activities. This results in the desire to work constantly and proactively giving the best options during day-to-day tasks.

So there you go, now you have some tools at your disposition you can work on to become a part of our multinational company as an IT engineer. Be you. Join us.

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By the Bogotá Recruiting Team

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