Resume Mistakes

3 Resume Mistakes That Will Land You in the Rejected Pile

Most hiring managers and recruiters spend a large amount of their day leafing through piles of resumes.  Given the amount of time spent on this task, it is no surprise to hear that resume mistakes which occur over and over again can become tiresome and aggravating, even leading to a qualified applicant being overlooked. Want to stay out of the rejection pile? Avoid these three simple, but common, resume mistakes:

  1. Typos – Such a simple mistake, yet often one of the most frequent errors on resumes. Hiring managers have been known to decline skilled candidates for having too many typos. The fix? Go the extra step to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Read your resume out loud several times, and have as many people as possible do the same. Many eyes will help you reduce these blunders.
  2. Too Many Details – Hiring managers often read the same generic statements over and over again. Read through your resume and delete anything that sounds redundant, nonspecific, and unimpressive. Make sure when your resume is read, your achievements stand out as defining features.
  3. Not enough Tailoring – Each company you apply to will be looking for something unique, and hiring managers will know if your resume has been targeted toward them specifically. Research the company, and include details that fit the company’s wants and needs.
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