Think like a Job Seeker

Finding and hiring top talent is an extremely competitive business. Companies all across the world are working tirelessly to learn more and expand on the people and tools they have. They must ensure they have what it takes to attract A+ talent. In today’s marketplace, it is not easy to stay at the top of the food chain! We must attract, engage and sell our story! Recruitment is a sales process and it is largely a team effort. It takes the minds of advertisers, marketers, sales and HR to all come together and build a dynamic recruitment strategy.

Contrary to what some believe, recruitment is not an administrative task anymore. Now I admit, I am not the strongest at designing a recruiting ad, but I know how to go about writing an effective job ad. So when you start creating your next job ad for a new opening, be creative. You should “impersonate the job seeker” and think from the job seeker’s perspective. Below are 3 ideas that will make you write a better job ad.

  1. Imagine a day in the life of your job seeker. Who is this person?

These potential candidates are our potential customers. Learn about them and what they are looking for. How will they spend their day in this job? Who is this person? Why types of blogs do they read? If you’re hiring for a “green” company, would you seek to hire someone who does not believe in being “green”?

Your company may already have some viable research on this position and who will best fit the role, and more importantly, be successful. Research internally as well. Who has been successful in this position? What made them successful? What traits did they possess? Do you research before building that candidate profile and making that job description? It isn’t just about who you want… we ALL want the perfect candidate. Look at the facts, measure the success in the position and what success looks like in that job so that your candidate can clearly see a day in their life at your company. Identify and list those traits so that those that fit the bill are drawn to this opportunity!

  1. Imagine the buying process. How will your “customer” decide to buy your “product”?

Study others by asking and answering these questions. Who are your competitors?  What search words are job seekers using?  Learn from your colleagues and hiring managers about their “buying” process.  What made them take a job with your company?  Why do they stay?  What are the things people can’t Google about your company?

Start thinking about what makes a candidate move towards your ad and company versus another. How can this person, who is happy at their current job, after reading your ad stop and think, “My job isn’t that great. Maybe there is more I could do. Maybe I could be happier.”? Find that “sell” by really listening and doing your research. Then build your entire ad around it.

  1. What’s your “press release” of your idea? Is this “sell” cool enough?

Let’s talk…conversations. How could you tell this story around a campfire? The best ad will be able to reach across all media outlets in life; a video a picture, a job ad, even a song. Think creatively!  Find entirely new ways to communicate the ad.

When writing that job ad, remember; Instead of generating advertising ideas-generate ideas worth advertising!

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By Matt Weinrich | Matt is an experienced recruiter dedicated to connecting top talent to career opportunities at Sutherland Global Services. Sync up with him on Linkedin or follow@matt_weinrich

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