The Year that the Northeast Went Beast Mode

I will start off by saying that I am in no way a winter person, so this article may be a bit biased. But no matter how much one may love the cold, snow, and ice, there comes a time in late February that promises feelings of anxiety, depression, and plain old disgust. I’ve felt this way since summer’s end, but that’s just me. Due to this winter being especially harsh for those in the northeast, I’ve decided to put together a little montage of situations that we will enjoy ridding from our lives as spring approaches.

1.) Enduring weekday mornings without a garage or automatic car starter.

As if waking up and getting to work on time wasn’t hard enough, try factoring in brushing, scraping, warming, and digging out the car. I’d give just about anything to have a cozy garage for my car to sleep in, but that’s something I sacrifice living in the city.

2.) Frolicking around in 25+ degree weather, cherishing its “warmth”.

This year’s snow accumulations have been ginormous and temperatures negative. With frozen lakes and astonishingly high snow piles, Mother Nature has taken no prisoners. All I can say is, Mr. Temperature better work on his attitude for next year!

3.) Becoming really good at hailing taxis on the weekend.

If you’re used to walking places, all of that changed this year. The bitter cold and snowy sidewalks have made it nearly impossible to venture out on foot. Going out on the weekends has gone from a simple walk up the street to a taxi-ridden escapade out into the frozen tundra.

4.) High utility bills, frozen pipes, and heavy roofs.

Who shovels off their roof? People in the northeast sure did this winter. Aside from the fear of your roof caving in, the anxiety that comes with opening the monthly utility bill has gotten old. You can almost hear your wallet getting thinner with every click of the furnace.

These are only the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) when it comes to this year’s struggle on the northeast. Spring is approaching, and if you didn’t notice by my frozen face, I am smiling! J

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