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By Anthony Anderson | Anthony Anderson is a Rochester native. He studied Political Science at Bethune-Cookman College and Alabama State University. Passionate about people, policy and leadership, Anthony has a diverse background in recruiting, business operations, and public relations. Anthony has established an extensive network of business contacts over the years and is recognized as a trusted partner in the field of staffing and recruitment .  Anthony is a member of  SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and has sourced and recruited top talent for companies such as Xerox, Disney, JP Morgan Chase, and the State of New York. In his free time, Anthony loves to run cross-country, golf, and watch Alabama football. Anthony is a Senior Sourcing Specialist directly supporting Sutherland’s Healthcare and Mortgage lines.

The most important Thanksgiving dish, as everybody knows, is the turkey! But we mustn’t forget about the stuffing, turkeys’ partner or “best friend” as I like to say. I fell in love with stuffing after tasting my Aunt Brenda’s version years ago at our annual family Thanksgiving dinner.  Flavorful, moist, light and crumbly. Delicious! Aunt Brenda’s stuffing was a masterpiece! I still love it today. Everyone has their own special version of the classic Thanksgiving dish. Some versions are light and airy, and can be tossed around with a spoon. Others bake up firm and solid, and can be cut into uniform squares. Some people stuff their bird with it, this style of the side universally called stuffing. Others are dead set against stuffing the bird and opt for baking their stuffing in a baking dish, most commonly referred to in this form as a side of dressing. Some do a combination of both. Whatever you call it…. It’s simply not Thanksgiving without it!

There are endless styles of dressing and stuffing. Some is made with very few frills: comprised of a combination of dried bread, aromatics, and dried herbs. Others are a feast all unto themselves, loaded with anything from oysters, to mushrooms, bacon, and even dried fruit and nuts! Whatever way you like it, it’s as American as apple pie and the perfect complement a celebration where we give thanks.  Stuffing is my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner and it’s no surprise that it was voted as the #1 side dish by our HIVE family. We are thankful for turkey’s delicious sidekick: stuffing!

For helpful tips to best balance work, being the host and making the most of the holiday, our NA Hive Manager, Stacy Bliek (who also LOVES stuffing) took advice from these two blogs to help prepare:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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