Sutherland REFER Promo: A Free Trip to Boracay

 By Tim Del Rosario

Visiting Boracay paradise is always a turn on; but not everyone would have an opportunity to get there. Luckily, Pamela Primero won an all-expense paid trip for 2 to the majestic islands of Boracay through a Sutherland Recruitment Refer Raffle Promo.

Pamela Primero is celebrating her fourth year in Sutherland as a consultant in our Carmona site. She did not know about the Refer Promo when she referred her 2 friends to apply in Sutherland Carmona. Her intention to help her friends acquire a stable career with Sutherland was pure and unsolicited. Both of her 2 referrals were hired in our Carmona site. Luckily, her pure intentions brought her way to the islands of Boracay with free travel tickets and hotel accommodation for 2.

Pamela flew all the way from Carmona to Boracay on September 9, 2015 for a 3-days-and-2-night-vacation with her sister Blesilly Primero. It was the sisters’ first airplane ride which made the trip more exciting. They were both thrilled to travel this far together. “I could not describe how happy my feet were, walking on the white sands of Boracay, for the first time,” Pamela shared.

Pamela and Blessily spent their first day in Boracay at the beach. The two enjoyed the heat of the sun, the changing colors of the beach waters and the ultimate summer feeling on a September. As a promise to Pamela’s twin kids, she even brought home a glass of white sand from Boracay.

The sisters spent Day 2 touring around Boracay stations. They came across lavish restaurants and quite populous island markets with interesting buys. They did not miss the chance to buy souvenir items for themselves and pasalubong (travel treats) like ref magnets, key chains and t-shirts to give out to their family and friends from home.

They will never forget their luxurious stay at the Boracay Mandarin Hotel. They enjoyed all the sumptuous breakfast buffets they had during their stay in the hotel. Pamela detailed how awesome their nights in Boracay were. With all the great music they heard across the island, the display of lights that stunned their eyes, and the warmth of the people they dealt with; it was an experience Pamela and Blessily would treasure forever.

Pamela and Blessily concluded their Boracay adventure by taking selfies and photos of the island. Truly, Boracay felt like a paradise to the sisters. “It was surreal,” Pamela told us as she described the whole adventure they had. “I would like to thank Sutherland for this one great adventure I will never forget. This trip is just one of the many reasons why I chose to stay with Sutherland for four years, with no plans of leaving anytime soon. Here in Sutherland, I feel valued and recognized.”

This initiative was made possible by Sutherland Carmona’s Recruitment Team. More promos and prizes await everyone for the Employee Referral Program. Truly, exciting privileges are given to the loyal and outstanding employees of Sutherland Global Services.

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