Sutherland Philippines’ 10 Strong Years

 By Tim Del Rosario

Sutherland Philippines held series of events and activities teeming with fun last July as part of its 10th year anniversary celebration. It was a month-long festivity of 10 strong years Sutherland and its employees built together.

Most tenured employees of Sutherland shared their stories of hard work, teamwork, growth and success through the series of Employee Testimonials all throughout the month. One of those who shared their Sutherland journey with pride and honor was Emily Magtibay, Sutherland Philippines’ very first employee. “I am a homegrown Sutherland employee,” says Emily. “This institution is my comfort zone. I learned so much here – and I want to pay it back by loyalty and integrity.”

Employees showed their appreciation and support for Sutherland by sending out notes to the company, to a team or to a Sutherland individual whom they saw or received genuine acts, words or display of kindness from. On the notes they sent were photos of the company, the team or the people exactly showing those acts of kindness.

One story of kindness worth looking back at was Sutherland leader Jose Garcia’s Starbucks treat to a member of his service teams, Tita. On that day of his treat to the lucky employee, Garcia promised to grant college scholarship to Tita. It was a real valuable flashback!

Sutherland and its employees also joined the online craze for Dubsmash through the “StrongSutherland Dubsmash Showdown.” Employees had so much fun recording their wacky videos. Finally, capping off the month-long celebration, all Sutherland Philippines’ centers held their anniversary dinners and parties with the dynamic participation of every employee. All leaders even showcased their “other side” by dancing in front of the crowd.

Truly, Sutherland Philippines’ celebration is not only for its 10 years of commercial success, but most importantly for global careers it offers to more than 15,000 employees to date. It was definitely 10 strong years worth-celebrating and worth-taking forward.

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