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By Rebecca Martin | Rebecca Martin is Sutherland’s CloudSource Talent Acquisition Manager. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow @becclynnmartin.

One of the keys to excelling in a remote (work from home) position with Sutherland CloudSource is to create the proper environment for success!  Traditionally when you begin a new career, after you interview and accept the position, your first major decision is what to wear on your first day of work.  You’ve already been told where to go, what time to show up, and you will most likely be directed to the appropriate cubicle, and told what time to eat lunch, and when to leave for the day.  While making that first good impression when you meet your boss and co-workers is on the forefront of your mind, the rest is out of your control.  As you embark on the journey that leads you away from the traditional workplace and has you working from home, there is much more to consider and to prepare for!

Working from Home the CloudSource Way-

When? You will most likely still be given the “when to show up” direction from your employer.  However, some remote positions allow for a great deal of flexibility and the decision of when to work may be yours to make!  A work from home position with Sutherland CloudSource will more than likely have you adhering to a schedule that will be provided for you.  So we will take the guess work out of “when” you will be working.

Where? “Where” you will be working is entirely up to you, however. You will need to provide a private, quiet, distraction-free space in your home with which to work.  Our CloudSource positions will require you to be on a personal computer, or Sutherland provided equipment, that will need to be hardwired to your Internet Service Provider’s router inside your home.  Since your computer will need to have a wired connection, this will place some limitations on the location in your home to establish your home office.  Ideally a room that has a door that can be closed while you are working is the perfect scenario.

Tips for the start of a successful work at home career:

Create Your Home Workspace-

Since your workspace is not limited to a cubicle and the scrutiny of co-workers, feel free to create a workspace that you will enjoy working from-this may be one of the best perks of working from home.  You can create a space that makes you happy and enhances your productivity, a space you enjoy being in.  Be creative and don’t break the bank, especially when you get started.  Decorate with your favorite colors, buy some fun office supplies, and display art, photos, or other items that appeal to you.  Most importantly be sure to have a comfortable chair and headset.

I’m On the Clock-

Just as important as the location of your home office, your hours of operation need to be shared with family, friends, neighbors, etc.  In a traditional office setting, nobody would dream of popping in and disturbing you as you begin your new career.  When you are transitioning to working from home, it may take some time for family members especially to fully grasp that you are indeed working and your work space and schedule need to be adhered to.  You will be busy continuously assisting customers during your shift and don’t want to be tempted to chitchat with well-meaning family and friends.

Plan your Day-

You will also want to plan your day around your work schedule – this includes your lunch time and scheduled breaks.  Your lunch break isn’t unlimited, so you’ll want to have your meals and snacks planned and ready to enjoy.  If you are hoping to get a few loads of laundry done during the day, be sure to start that first load before your shift begins so that it’s ready to be switched over into the dryer during your break and that second load started.  You definitely want to be able to reap the benefits of working from home, but keep in mind, your day is still scheduled out for you and your time is monitored – just like it would be in a traditional workplace setting.

Once you actually begin working from home, you may think of some ideas to improve your workspace and productivity.  As with any new endeavor, there will be a lot that you figure out along the way.  However, putting some thought and consideration into your home office before you get started will help ease the transition as you begin your CloudSource career.

We welcome you to CloudSource.  Get settled & happy first home office day to you!

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