Driverless Car

From the Screen to Reality

Have you ever seen something in a movie and asked yourself, “Why doesn’t this exist in real life?!” Most of the time these ideas are too good to be true, but once in a while they are brought to life. Here are four times movie ideas have become a great reality.

1. The Talkboy

Remember the recorder that Macaulay Culkin used when he was lost and alone in New York City? Well, fans loved it so much that they wrote letters until The Talkboy was put into production.


2. Smartwatches

We’ve seen special agents of all kinds with smartwatches. Lucky us, they are now a reality! You probably won’t be blowing anything up with your new smartwatch from Apple, but you can call them on it to complain about this missing feature!


3. The Mighty Ducks NHL Team

As a hockey fanatic, this one is my personal favorite. The original Mighty Ducks movie came out in 1992. When the NHL expanded, guess what one of the new franchises was called? This new team was born in Anaheim, California and named after the beloved underdogs.


4. Self-Driving Cars

We’ve seen self-driving cars in movies like Minority Report, but who really thought they could become a reality? Well, we’re close. The Google self-driving car is one of the first, and it seems like it could actually make it to production in the near future. I don’t know about you, but this is one reality that I still have some concerns about.

Driverless Car

Well, there you have it! These are just a few of the cool ideas that have made it from the screen to reality. It will certainly be interesting to look back in decade or two and see what other ideas have made this incredible jump.

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