Sutherland is known for opening doors and starting careers. One initiative that has contributed tremendously to this is our outstanding REFER program. Through this program, employees are afforded the opportunity to refer family and friends who they deem capable of contributing to our dynamic team environment. Highlighted here is one of our REFER champions who has submitted the MOST eligible referrals.

      1. How and when did you come to Sutherland?

I had just finished University and a family friend had done an interview with Sutherland, and they asked if he knew anyone who would be interested in working here and that was it. I have been employed here since April 2016.

      1. What gets you up in the morning? No, not your dog or alarm….but what really drives you to get up and give your best each day?

I have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter, and she’s so awesome. Just the thought of her motivates me to achieve greatness.

      1. Who at Sutherland has made the biggest impact on your career and why?

Odetta Rockhead Kerr has made the biggest impact on my career. As a woman, she has accomplished so much with hard work and dedication. She strives to motivate and aspire individuals in everything she does.

      1. What do you love most about your role at Sutherland?

I love working with people. The account that I work on is very complex and challenging, hence the job is not repetitive and boring.

      1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received at work or in life?

The best advice I have received since I have been here is from my team manager, which is don’t take my task too personal. I found myself being so annoyed and worked up with some of the customers I dealt with, to the point I would leave work with a headache. One day my team manager called me in a meeting and said “I’m going to tell you the same thing I told myself when I just started this job, don’t take your job too personal.”

      1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’m currently working on starting my own business, so in the next five years hopefully that dream will be a reality.

      1. What three words best describe you?

The three words that best describe me are humble, ambitious, and caring.

Meet our Author!

By Shaunté Thompson- Henry Shaunté is a Candidate Experience Specialist at Sutherland and she has been a part of the Sutherland Team since November 2014. She has years of experience in Business Administration and is currently pursuing Business Management studies at the Heriott-Watt University. Outside of work, she enjoys comedic movies and relaxing trips to the beach. Her mantra is “You are what you repeatedly think, do and say. Think of excellence and be excellent”

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