Ranked #5 in Most Desireable Companies to Work from Home

CloudSource,  Sutherland Global Service’s work at home division, is getting some amazing recognition! Recently, FlexJobs released their list of “100 companies you want to watch for remote jobs in 2016.” And not only are we featured, we are ranked in the top 5! This means out of 100 companies, we are one the most desirable companies to work from home for!

You might be asking, “What is FlexJobs anyway, and why does this matter?” Well, I can assure you, this is a pretty big deal. According to Forbes, “FlexJobs sifts through a sea of potential job opportunities to find flexible employment gold”. They look for companies that are paving the way in the remote employment sector. Similar to monster.com. a job board community, they are one of the top remote employment job boards used in the US, and they have deemed us as one of the best options for not only a great opportunity, but career growth as well. Sutherland doesn’t just provide jobs, we provide careers.

If you’re looking for a telecommuting opportunity that is flexible yet rewarding, rest assured that Sutherland is setting the gold standard. Our work at home team, CloudSource, is like no other and I’m proud to be a part of one of the many dedicated people that support our business and clients by firing up my computer in the comfort of my home office. I work hard, have a great team, and don’t have to sacrifice career growth for the option to work from home and have the flexibility I need for my family. Sure there are other remote employment options, but very few of them offer as many options with the kinds of jobs you can have, let alone offer the ability to turn it into a true career. We are a strong, dedicated bunch, growing by leaps and bounds as the work at home option becomes less of a trend and more of a new professional choice.

This news and being part of the work at home team gives me a sense of great pride. It is an honor to be a part of a great company and be one of the many that shares the work at home bond. I invite you to learn more about our work at home program if you’ve been thinking about going back to work or are exploring more flexible work options. Or perhaps you know someone who is considering being a part of the Sutherland family?  Give them this article and invite them to apply on www.sutherlandcloudsource.com today! Give them the confidence they need to take those first steps toward something great and explore these exciting work from home opportunities.

To those that are part of our strong work at home team, CloudSource, we thank you. We could not have achieved this honor without you. Every person that works from the cloud, from the ones providing exceptional service to our client’s customers, to the ones managing our many different programs, you have ALL contributed to our success. YOU deliver top-notch service, you care about each other, the customer and the success of our business. You are the reason we continue to grow and are leaders in our industry. Each and every member of our CloudSource team has contributed to why Sutherland makes the top of the list of FlexJobs must watch companies. Thank you for all you do to make this company the gold standard!

Meet our Author!

By Nick Kelly| Nick has been with Sutherland for five years. He started on the phones, and worked his way up to the Team Manager position. Prior to working with Sutherland, he was a Navy Journalist, focusing on public relations and marketing. This was an area he really enjoyed working in this area and took an opportunity to transfer over to the HIVE and further develop his skillset. Nick is married with four children ranging from 6 months to 7 years old. He is an proud geek who loves Star Wars and in his spare time makes lightsaber hilts as a hobby.

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