Q & A with CloudSource’s Karen Beaman

Karen joined the Sutherland team in 2016 as the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition supporting our work-from-home division. Her team is responsible for recruiting a distributed workforce to help businesses transform processes and delight their customers. Karen has held a variety of leadership roles and is passionate about cutting edge recruitment, crowd sourcing and onboarding strategies to effectively grow a large distributed workforce and improve the talent available in the cloud.

  1. Sutherland has been named to the FlexJobs Top 100 Remote Work Companies list for the 3rd year in a row. What does this mean for Sutherland?

FlexJobs is the go-to site for remote and flexible jobs and it is an honor to be on the FlexJobs Top 100 list for the third year in a row! It highlights our dedication to offer remote job opportunities.

  1. What are the benefits of working remotely for Sutherland?

All of the traditional benefits that are offered to full-time employees are available to full-time employees who work remotely. In addition, remote workers save time and money in a number of ways: they save time and money because there is no commute, they can save money on a work wardrobe, and they can eat meals at home during their lunch break and save money by not eating out.

  1. What types of people can benefit most from working from home?

Working from home is not limited to any specific type of person or situation. It really can be a benefit to anyone. I have worked from home for over eight years and love that I don’t have to spend time commuting to work.

  1. How does Sutherland create a team environment when employees all work remotely from home?

We use a variety of tools to create a team environment and ensure remote employees feel connected to each other, their managers, and Sutherland. New hires are immersed in the Sutherland culture in our virtual training where they are supported by trainers, subject matter experts, their team manager, and senior leaders.

Communication is a key factor in creating a strong and collaborative team environment and we leverage a number of tools to enable strong communication with each other and supervisors. Online recognition and community engagement tools allow peer-to-peer and supervisor-to-employee reward and recognition.

  1. As remote job opportunities continue to increase each year, what does this mean for the future of Sutherland?

Over the past 10 years, there has been significant growth in the number of companies that offer remote job opportunities. Employees and job seekers are starting to expect remote work opportunities. Sutherland offers both work-at-home job opportunities and jobs in our physical locations, which is the best of both worlds and allows us to attract and retain the best people regardless of location (theirs or ours).

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