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Sutherland Global Services offers employees countless ways to learn new skills and expand their horizons. We offer extensive employee training through our professional development courses. No matter what your field of interest is, we seek to develop your innate qualities and help you achieve your goals. Spotlighted here is one of our superstars who has utilized these opportunities to further their career at Sutherland!

Daniel is currently working at our Bogota location in Colombia as a Delivery Solution Architect !

      1. How did you react when you found out about your promotion?

I was very surprised. We had several interviews but no one had a clue of how long the process was going to be. I felt really happy to start a new stage and move forward in my professional career.

      1. What do you enjoy most about your new title or responsibilities?

The most exciting thing is the challenge. Delivery Solution Architect is a high-responsibility role, including taking care of all the technical details of a project to guarantee a successful implementation. Sometimes customers ask specific questions about something you might not know, and you need to investigate to provide the best advice or next step.

      1. How do you feel this promotion will affect your work relationships?

I don’t think a promotion is something that separates you from the rest of your colleagues, including the ones that participated in the same selection process.  At the end of the day you are the same person, but with a different role and responsibilities.

      1. What’s a piece of advice you’d like to offer to our new hires that could help them grow and advance within Sutherland?

Make it happen no matter how hard the task is and even if you don’t know the solution. Ask whomever you need to ask, and research in all the knowledge bases you have available in order to get the assignment closed.  Once you go the extra mile your work will speak for itself, and management will start to notice you.

      1. What three words best describe you?

The three words that best describe me are proactive, self-motivated and grinder.

      1. What are your favorite snacks or food to bring to work? Could be a meal or something as small as a granola bar. Let us know what gives you energy to be successful each day!

The best snack for a hard day is a hot cup of black coffee. Sometimes you have too many things to do, and coffee is the only way to give your brain a good electroshock to keep it focused.

Meet our Author!

By Amber Kukiela| Amber is the Candidate Experience Specialist for Sutherland Global Services. She has a diverse background in marketing and has worked with Welch Allyn Inc. and the New York Family Business Center. She is a recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she majored in Business Marketing and minored in Philosophy and Art Administration. During her time at Le Moyne, she was a sprinter and high jumper for the NCAA track and field team. Since then, she has been running in 5k races around the Central NY area. When not running, she dabbles in photography, painting, and illustrating. She also enjoys baking and cooking and uses her coworkers as taste testers.

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