Platinum Performer – Patricia Mclaughlin

Sutherland has a plethora of incredible people. However, we have many who are willing to go the Extra Mile. In acknowledgment of their efforts, we honor them as a Platinum Performer. Recipients of this prestigious award are invited to our special quarterly dinner where they are recognized for their contributions to the company. Meet Sutherland’s latest awardee.

  1. What gets you up in the morning? No, not your dog or alarm….but what really drives you to get up and give your best each day?

The opportunity to be exposed to something new and progressive that will aid in my ability to achieve my objectives towards upward mobility is what not only motivates me to come to work daily, but to do so with an optimistic outlook on what I may accomplish.

  1. So far in your career at Sutherland, what are your top three most important accomplishments?

Based on my performance, I was recommended for and became a certified member of Sutherland’s Virtual Training Force. Since I became a member of the customer relations team, I have consistently been awarded representative of the month for my department. My biggest accomplishment thus far is being awarded employee of the year.

  1. What makes Sutherland stand out from your previous employer(s)?

One of the differentiating factors that stand out about Sutherland was noticed literally on my first day on the production floor: the managers and floor support representatives willingness to assist to this day remains unmatched. Additionally, this is the first company I have ever seen with such a high capacity for growth. Usually organizations use the chance for upward mobility as a selling point; however, Sutherland truly rewards hard work by offering new opportunities.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most in 2018?

I am anticipating that maintaining my stance as a top performer as a Customer Relations Representative will make way for a promotion in a managerial position.

  1. What do you do outside of work?

I enjoy spending quality time with my daughter, playing with her, taking her to new and beautiful places, and most importantly being the mother that she deserves.

  1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel, reason being, there are some things I would do differently and I would also like to take the time to re-live some really amazing memories.

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