Platinum Performer – Nancy Breed

Sutherland Global Services has a plethora of incredible people. However, we have many who are willing to go the Extra Mile. In acknowledgment of their efforts, we honor them as a Platinum Performer. Recipients of this prestigious award are invited to our special quarterly dinner where they are recognized for their contributions to the company. Meet Sutherland’s latest awardee.

Nancy is currently working remotely in Florida as VP, Global Head of Marketing Services!

    1. Tell us your story. How did you join Sutherland Global?

I wasn’t looking for another opportunity when a head hunter called and told me about an amazing opportunity to build a marketing organization from the ground up – to take something established and take it to a new level!

    1. What gets you up morning, ready to seize the day? No, not your dog or alarm….but what REALLY motivates you to give your best each day?

I love my internal and external clients – being able to work with them and collaborate on building something truly impactful is what gets me through the day. The friendships and trusted network that I’ve built at SGS also is critical in my day to day happiness – sounds cliché but they are my family.

    1. Share something about Sutherland or your role specifically that others may not know.

I do a little of everything…there is not one thing that my team does that I do not roll up my sleeves and participate in.  I feel strongly that in order to deliver quality and to understand what the client is looking for that I need to also know how to deliver it.

  1. What three accomplishments are you most proud of since your start with Sutherland? Big or small, every accomplishment counts!
    • Being invited to speak in front of the client leadership at their annual meeting in Dallas to deliver our vision of their world class facility in Las Vegas
    • Being apart of the Las Vegas launch.
    • Redesigning our look and feel for HR campaigns
    1. Who at Sutherland has made the biggest impact on your career and why?

    Jim Myers.  From both a professional and personal aspect, he has always been a beacon of information, trust, and security for me. No matter how bad my day is he is able to remind of the ways in which I contribute and offer value to the company.

      1. What advice would you share with someone interested in your role at Sutherland?

    You need tough skin. Everyone thinks they are a marketer because they buy things and watch commercials.  Prioritize and fully understand what tasks will create impact. Build your network – being able to navigate SGS is half the battle.

      1. What makes Sutherland stand out from your previous employer(s)?

    Coming from a different business, this company is completely different. I think here you have to work 3 times harder to prove your value.

      1. Which country that Sutherland operates in would you most like to visit?

    I would love to visit our Sweden and Estonia locations – the people I support there are so warm and talented!

      1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received at work or in life?

    Stay true to yourself… people who count can see right through blatant conformity.

      1. What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

    New challenges, new adventures, new locations!

      1. When away from the office, what are your favorite activities or hobbies?

    I am a crossfitter and an avid world traveler!

      1. What three words best describe you?

    Aggressive, loving, dork

      1. Where can we connect with you on social media? We want to show off your spotlight when it’s done!

    I’m on Facebook and Twitter – don’t do Instagram though!

      1. What are your favorite snacks or food to bring to work? Could be a meal or something as small as a granola bar. Let us know what gives you energy to be successful each day!

    I work from home but I love watermelon and mini cheeses!

    Meet our Author!

    By Amber Kukiela| Amber is the Candidate Experience Specialist for Sutherland Global Services. She has a diverse background in marketing and has worked with Welch Allyn Inc. and the New York Family Business Center. She is a recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she majored in Business Marketing and minored in Philosophy and Art Administration. During her time at Le Moyne, she was a sprinter and high jumper for the NCAA track and field team. Since then, she has been running in 5k races around the Central NY area. When not running, she dabbles in photography, painting, and illustrating. She also enjoys baking and cooking and uses her coworkers as taste testers.

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