Fernando Romero

Platinum Performer – Fernando Romero De La Hoz

Platinum Performer

Fernando Romero De La Hoz

Barranquilla, Colombia


  1. What skills would you say you have improved on in the last year that have helped you to reach Platinum Performer status?

I have greatly improved my teamwork skills. I’ve learned it’s not about waiting for results, but working with the team to achieve objectives and meet KPIs. I try every day to motivate my team by having a positive attitude and doing various activities that make them feel inspired.

  1. How would you explain your job in one sentence to an eight year old?

I have a nine year old sister, and when she asks me about my job I tell her that I am a leader. I explain that I help my team achieve goals, and I show them the best way to do their job.

  1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

“The Team Manager Of The People”

  1. Describe yourself in three words?           

Integral, Entrepreneur, Responsible

  1. What kind of drive, dedication, routine, and commitment did it take to get to this point?

I like to instill confidence in the people I work with. The well-being of my team always comes first. I like to talk about their personal lives so I am able to identify the root cause of any behaviors that may be affecting their work. Every day when I get to the production floor I greet all of the Consultants. I come in each day with the best attitude to generate positive energy. I like to encourage a competitive spirit amongst the Consultants in my group, so I’m constantly running contests based on the results of their KPIs. I think my success is due to the management philosophy I have adopted. A Manager should not only be a boss, but a leader. I believe in working with my team to get results, not demanding them.


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