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By Amber Kukiela | Amber is the Candidate Experience Specialist for Sutherland Global Services. She has a diverse background in marketing and has worked with Welch Allyn Inc. and the New York Family Business Center. She is a recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she majored in Business Marketing and minored in Philosphy and Art Administration. During her time at Le Moyne, she was a sprinter and high jumper for the NCAA track and field team. Since then, she has been running in 5k races around the Central NY area. When not running, she dabbles in photography, painting, and illustrating. She also enjoys baking and cooking and uses her coworkers as taste testers.

Ferlyn Gulmatico


Sutherland Global Services has a plethora of incredible people. However, we have many who are willing to go the Extra Mile. In acknowledgment of their efforts, we honor them as a Platinum Performer. Recipients of this prestigious award are invited to our special quarterly dinner where they are recognized for their contributions to the company. Meet one of Sutherland’s latest awardee.

  1. What does being recognized as a platinum performer personally means to you?

This means a lot!  I’ve been in this company for 5 years and this was my first job! This recognition will continue to motivate and to inspire me to become a better employee! This recognition proves that all of my hard work has just been paid off. This email has just made my day!

  1. What is your personal recipe of achieving long term success?

My personal recipes include my family and myself. To me my family is my bread and butter, especially since I’m working for them- everything just goes smoothly. This makes me work under pressure. For myself on the other hand, it is just integrity. With this recipe I can surely guide employees to be successful too.

  1. What habits have made you successful?

My success habits are the core values of this company. My loyalty is above and beyond: I resigned in May 2012 and came back in January 2013. For some strange reason, I just needed to come back. I then once said, “I will make everything right for the second time around.” I can’t think of anything that would best describe my life as a consultant back then – I was worst. I might have been cursed multiple times because I’ve been dragging my team’s performance due to my DSATs and other low metrics. I was being mocked for not being able to communicate with my customers. Or comprehension issues, should I say. It was awful! But those days will just remain in the past and I have no plan of going back there. There’s no other direction to move but forward.

  1. What do you believe that you did to become a Platinum Performer?

I became a platinum performer for a simple reason – my attitude towards my work. This is a bit vague, I know, but it’s that simple. It all boils down to attitude in handling things. I can easily embrace changes and it has become second nature for me. For my 27 years of existences, this is just a piece of cake.

  1. How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a member of a team?

I’d describe myself as the most dedicated employee day in day out. My attendance can speak for how serious I am for this career as well as my achievements. I’m a driver. Myself being talkative has worked as an advantage to speak my mind- I don’t keep issues to myself just to look nice in the crowd, I’m sure to voice it out for others to hear my opinions and comments on how or what I feel. I also can easily get along with different types of people which is another advantage for me to manage things appropriately.

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