New Hire of the Month - Tiffanie Mills

New Hire of the Month – Tiffanie Mills

New Hire of the Month

Tiffanie Mills

Kingston, Jamaica


  1. How did you hear about Sutherland Global Services?

I heard about Sutherland Global Services during my time at the University of the West Indies.

  1. What made you apply to the company?

Being fresh out of school, and before being introduced to Sutherland, the career opportunities available to me seemed very discouraging. When a friend of mine informed me of the chance to grow and develop my career at Sutherland, I quickly applied!

  1. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

Telepathy. I would really like to understand the true meaning of what people are saying. Being able to read minds would definitely help me grasp the relationship between external expression and internal thoughts.

  1. Tell us about a memorable moment you had during your training process here at Sutherland Global Services.

Although I have had several memorable moments at this company, the one I reflect on the most is meeting all the members of the Hive team, especially bubbly Oprah. My Trainer – Jessica, Team Lead – Matt, and Director – Lindsay, have each left me reassured and confident in my abilities.

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