Day in the Life - Kayla Prier

New Hire of the Month- Kayla Prier

This week for our New Hire of the Month, I caught up with Kayla Prier who is from our Alexandria, LA location!

Name: Kayla Prier

Location: Alexandria, LA

Program: Sales


  1. What was your first impression of Sutherland?

“My first impression of Sutherland was that this would be a fun, competitive career to grow and be an asset in.”


  1. What is your favorite part of training?

“My favorite part of training is learning all of what my program has to offer to customers so that we can make their everyday lives a little bit more enjoyable and easier.”


  1. Why did you want to work here?

“I wanted to work for Sutherland because I felt that I would be an asset to the company, and I love helping people.”


  1. If you were a monster, how would you scare people?

“I would scare people by hiding behind doors, and jumping out when approached. I would then have to give that person a flower, or something, and apologize.”

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