New Hire of the Month - Jennifer Yeh

New Hire of the Month – Jennifer Yeh

Jennifer Yeh

Rochester, NY


  1. What are you most looking forward to here at Sutherland Global Services?

Seeing what opportunities may come from my experiences here and where I can apply my skills and talents to developing projects and improving existing processes. I’m also looking forward to getting to know people and hopefully establishing connections that go beyond the workplace!

  1. Tell us about a memorable moment you had during your training process here at Sutherland Global Services?

Musing over the fact that a particular challenge at work brought my teammates and I closer together. I realized, at that point, it’s the people and the relationships that make your job fulfilling and want to come into work every morning!


Also, discovering that I could live off of vending machine food.


  1. Tell us about how you heard about Sutherland Global Services?

The first time I ever heard about SGS was when my Manager called me to see if I was interested in the position!

  1. What is your ultimate career goal?

To be in a career where I am happy and contributing my skills and exercising my interests for the benefit of others. I don’t always follow or live by a pre-defined path. My philosophy for life and work is to live fully in the present and give your all, keep your eyes and mind open to things that are different, new, or interesting, and take risks! You only live once. See where things take you!

  1. Where do you most want to travel?

Honestly, everywhere. There’s something to be gained, learned, and experienced from each new place. But really, it’s not about where I want to travel, but with whom I’d be traveling with.


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