Sharonda Hunter

New Hire of the Month – Sharonda Hunter

 Meet our New Hire of the Month, Sharonda Hunter who is one of our newest members of our CloudSource team!

Q: If you were CEO for a day, what one change would you make companywide?

A: I would want to know how the employees feel about their jobs, so I would make it a point to meet everyone. By speaking to them directly, I would be able to target any problems and create solutions to the issues they bring up. Since Sutherland seems to value their employees and promotes people from within the company, I believe the on-on-one interaction with employees would ultimately help identify future leaders, as well.

Q: What has impressed you the most at Sutherland Global so far?

A: Sutherland is full of opportunities. We are kept up to date and informed about product information. Leadership is also important at Sutherland, so every agent is not only prepared to be the best, but we are also backed by an amazing support team. On the whole, agents are given many opportunities to become leaders at Sutherland!

Q: What have you enjoyed the most so far at Sutherland Global?

A: I have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home, as well as the one-on-one training that is provided. I now feel that I have the skills needed to exceed expectations on the job! Sutherland constantly provides bonuses for performance including perfect attendance, so hard work is acknowledged and rewarded here.

Q: If you could stock a vending machine with anything, what would you stock it with and why?

A: Fortune cookies! They have inspiring messages that could help motivate people every day!


That’s actually a great idea, Sharonda! Welcome to Sutherland!

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