New Hire of the Month - Amanda Bogardus

New Hire of the Month – Amanda Bogardus

Name: Amanda Paige Bogardus

Location: Syracuse, NY


Meet our New Hire of the Month, Amanda Bogardus! This week, I was able to chat with Amanda about her new job at Sutherland.


Q: What was your first impression of Sutherland?

A: Sutherland seems like a place where you can definitely start a path towards a rewarding career!


Q: Why did you want to work here?

A: I wanted to work here because Sutherland really seems to care about the growth of their employees, and provides a built-in support system. It is nice to know that whenever I have a question, there will always be someone with an answer for me.


Q: If you were CEO for a day, what one change would you make companywide?

A: I am still learning about the company because I’m fairly new here. So far, I love that the company has Casual Month/Day/Week if you donate money to a charity! If I were CEO, I think it would be cool to do this every day, as long as employees donated a certain minimum amount of money.


Q: If you were a monster, how would you scare people?

A: People would be scared by how much they love me!

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