New Hire – Debra Mason

Sutherland Global Services is constantly adding driven, talented, and exceptional people to our growing team. Get to know one of our newest additions!

Debra is currently working from Sutherland’s Jamaica location!

  1. Why did you want to work at Sutherland Global?

I wanted to work at Sutherland because I heard about how caring employees are to one another within the company and how much the environment makes you feel like you’re part of a family. I wanted to work here not only for the great opportunities, but so I could finally be doing something I loved without calling it “work,” as well as being a part of something worthwhile.

  1. What have you enjoyed the most since starting here?

Since starting here, I have enjoyed the warm welcome received from tenured members of the team, and my managers Samantha Burda and overseeing manager Kimberly England. They are jovial, down to earth, and I get the chance to blend in with awesome personalities while enjoying the laughs and learning process.

  1. What was your favorite part of training?

My favorite part of training is working with my coworker Kaci. They say I’m supposed to be cloning her *chuckles*. She’s cool and really knows her stuff. I also enjoy interacting with other members of the team that I’ve never met in person. They all play an integral part in making things happen, and they have made me feel at home with playing my role.

  1. If you could stock a vending machine with anything, what would you stock it with and why?

I would stock the vending machine with Cadbury Chocolate Roses! l absolutely love the stuff! They are a good variety of tastes.

  1. What were you doing previously before you came to Sutherland?

I worked for numerous companies in Customer Service related roles before starting here at Sutherland in September of 2016!

  1. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like planning trips with friends to go across the country. I love anywhere with water, a river, waterfalls, or the beach. Although I can’t swim to save my life, it doesn’t stop me from jumping in (life jacket and all)! I love chill moments with friends and family, going out to dinner, catching a great movie on the big screen, karaoke (it’s not fair to friends because I can actually sing, but they don’t mind), and being comfy with a good book.

  1. What do you hope to take away from your work experience here at Sutherland?

I hope to have an experience that expands my knowledge and creativity, especially my creative side. I like making things from scratch, and I hope that this experience will be one that is fulfilling, from not only a work ethic perspective, but something I can utilize in all aspects of life.

Meet our Author!

By Amber Kukiela| Amber is the Candidate Experience Specialist for Sutherland Global Services. She has a diverse background in marketing and has worked with Welch Allyn Inc. and the New York Family Business Center. She is a recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she majored in Business Marketing and minored in Philosophy and Art Administration. During her time at Le Moyne, she was a sprinter and high jumper for the NCAA track and field team. Since then, she has been running in 5k races around the Central NY area. When not running, she dabbles in photography, painting, and illustrating. She also enjoys baking and cooking and uses her coworkers as taste testers.

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