New Hire: Alisha Messmer

Sutherland Global Services is constantly adding driven, talented, and exceptional people to our growing team. Get to know one of our newest additions!

  1. What have you enjoyed the most so far at Sutherland Global?

Getting to know my fellow co-workers! It amazes me that we can connect with so many people across the globe. I enjoy sharing my ideas with fellow artists and having that ability to see what they are working on as well.

  1. What is your favorite part of training?

There are so many different ways to support this company. I enjoyed learning about all of the different outlets we use to connect with potential new hires. Everyone has their own unique talent and it’s pretty amazing to see how it all comes together to get the job done.

  1. If you could stock a vending machine with anything, what would you stock it with and why?

Oh boy! Here we go…

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tim Horton’s Coffee (lots of coffee)
  • Starbuck’s Mocha chip latte
  • Mac n cheese
  • Snickers
  • Skittles
  • McDonnald’s Hash browns
  • Dunkin Donuts’ Bagels
  • A change of clothes (you never know)
  • My mom’s homemade mac salad
  • Those adult coloring books that you get from your local retailer
  • Colored pencils so I can color in my adult coloring book (during my breaks of course)
  1. Who is the one person in your life that you couldn’t wait to share the news with?

My dad! He has always been a big supporter in me following my dreams. He knows how hard I work and how much time I have put into developing my skills.

  1. What do you like most about your new title?

My title is “Talent Brand Specialist.” I’ve enjoyed being able to utilize my computer graphic design background and video editing capabilities to create better ways to develop SGS’s Talent brand.

  1. How will you help to grow and create change within Sutherland?

I feel as though my creative mindset will help separate SGS from their competitors. I enjoy hearing the stories from current SGS employees and how the company has changed their lives for the better. I plan on sharing those stories with those who are truly seeking a wonderful career with endless possibilities.

  1. What’s one of your favorite non-work related activities?

I enjoy hiking in the Adirondacks with my boyfriend and our two beloved huskies.


  1. What’s a piece of advice you’d like to offer to New Hires that could help them grow within Sutherland?

I would tell them to take advantage of all the wonderful programs SGS has to offer. Hard work really does pay off!

Meet our Author!

By Amber Kukiela| Amber is the Candidate Experience Specialist for Sutherland Global Services. She has a diverse background in marketing and has worked with Welch Allyn Inc. and the New York Family Business Center. She is a recent graduate of Le Moyne College where she majored in Business Marketing and minored in Philosophy and Art Administration. During her time at Le Moyne, she was a sprinter and high jumper for the NCAA track and field team. Since then, she has been running in 5k races around the Central NY area. When not running, she dabbles in photography, painting, and illustrating. She also enjoys baking and cooking and uses her coworkers as taste testers.

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