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A Listicle About Listicles

With the rise in popularity of such sites as BuzzFeed, top 10 lists are becoming somewhat of a household thing.  Here are my top 5 favorite Listicles to help you sift through the clutter out there.

  1. Top 10 Influential People Who Never Lived

This list has it all!  Chances are you have heard of all of these fictional characters.  It is also pretty insightful, a little bit of history mixed with some humor.  Definitely check this one out!

  1. 17 Signs You’re Really Still A Big Kid At Heart

Let’s face it, we are all still big kids at heart.  The real question is, to what degree?  After reading this list (watching?), there will be no doubt in your mind just how big of a kid you are!

  1. 10 Fascinating Facts About Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?  This list has some crazy facts about your favorite cookies, from Oreo to Girl Scout.  Of course, a list about cookies wouldn’t be complete without appearances by Cookie Monster, Famous Amos, and Mrs. Fields.

  1. 17 Fanny Packs From the ‘90s and What They Said About You

You can’t deny it, all of you owned at least one of these fanny packs.  How could you not?  It was what you did back in the ‘90s.  The “What it said about you” section is more or less dead on, too!

  1. Top 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths

Who doesn’t love science?  With the resurgence of COSMOS, science is huge right now.  This list helps dispel some of the common myths that have come about over time.  If you ever wondered if a penny thrown from the Empire State building would actually kill someone, or if there is gravity in space, then I highly recommend checking this Listicle out.

So that’s my top 5 list of best Listicles.  Let us know in the comments which influential person who never lived had the greatest impact on you, which fanny pack you rocked back in the ‘90s, or if you knew Cookie Monster’s real name was Sid.

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