Law and Order

Law and Order

Laws. They protect us and guide us.

Similarly, workplace rules ensure a certain level of fairness, comfort, and civility among people who often don’t have anything in common except for their collective will to make a living. For the most part, workplace rules make sense – smoke in designated areas… adhere to company dress policies… don’t arrive drunk… and don’t eat onions and garlic within 12 hours of coming in to work.


A recent thread on reddit garnered nearly 14,000 responses to “the dumbest rule your workplace… has actually enforced.”

Not eating onions and garlic within 12 hours of arriving to work is one of them.

These “dumb”, and rather arbitrary, rules are often the result of some eccentric and controlling higher-upper: Need to use the loo? Pay your boss a visit to check out a roll of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper

Other times, it is the result of overcompensation for an accident that happened a decade ago:

“Where I work, we have to use sippy cups because someone knocked a cup of coffee onto their computer back in 2004.”

Sippy Cup

And then, on rare occasions, dumb rules are the direct result of dumb people:

“We have to wear safety gogles when using a stapler at work due to an idiotic employee. Yes. A stapler. For paper.”

Work Glasses

And if ridiculous workplace rules have you renouncing your love for Indian food, then make sure you’re not simultaneously living in one of these states:

Alabama: “Boogers may not be flicked into the wind”. So check the forecast before heading out to dig for gold.

Delaware: “No person shall change clothes in his or her vehicle.” Better come up with a better solution to prepping for your evening drag-queen side gig after your current shift ends.

Derby, Kansas: “Hitting a vending machine that stole your money is illegal.” Machines have no morals here.

South Berwick, Maine: “It is illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts.” This is serious guys; police are stationed in front to enforce this one.

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