How to become an International IT Professional at Sutherland?

First thing you need, is to find a company you want to grow and build a career in. Let me just advise you to start with one of the fastest and best known multinational companies in the telephone voice recording, data security, and surveillance industry. One of our multinational corporate clients that have complete confidence in our engineers to provide top quality level services through their systems, and develop themselves into high level IT specialized engineers.

To start building you will need key building blocks that will help you through the basics in beginning the journey of your international career. This is what we suggest you take a look into.

    1. Master your English: All of our positions require us to provide IT Services for American clients; therefore, being bilingual is key in the selection process. The difference between a good service and a bad service is being able to complete the task, transmitting the correct information required by our clients. This is the reason why this point is critical.
    2. Get your queries ready: Knowledge and experience in SQL will be a key ingredient. Design, develop, administrate, and performance check on Data Bases – Microsoft and/or Oracle. We are looking for people able to understand and write SELECT statements from scratch.
    3. Proficiency on Linux – Unix environments: The software which we base our product on was built on this OS, and it also runs in windows OS. For this reason, it is important to have known how and have experience with them.
    4. VoIP, telecom experience: Since the company’s main activity is to acquire data security and voice recording information, a Voip background will be crucial to the applicant’s success.
    5. Bonus point: Likewise, just as a small tip, having OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) certification for one of our job vacancies is a plus.

Please take into account that it is not necessary to have all these knowledge based traits. There are several profiles within our programs. These qualities listed are an overview that you can find in the different roles engineers could use their experience in.
In the same way, it is safe to say that we are dealing with people. So there are also soft skills that will help you out in molding and adapting yourself to an international IT environment. Therefore, here is a list of people skills recommend:

      • Time Management Abilities
      • Problem-Solving Skills
      • Working Well Under Pressure
      • Acting as a Team Player

To sum up, don’t miss the opportunity to apply if you have what it takes, and let us help you begin your venture in IT engineering.

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By the Bogotá Recruiting Team

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