The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Hyperlapse

Ever since its launch in late August, people and marketers alike have been rushing to capture life and their products in hyper speed.  Since this is still fairly new to most people, I wanted to give a brief overview of what Hyperlapse is, and a few tips on how to master this new media.

What is it?

Some of you may have already seen some of the creative (or downright terrible) time-lapse videos to come from this app.  Hyperlapse is the new video app from Instagram which allows you to record something and then play it back as fast as 12 times the original speed – no fancy video camera or software needed.  The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and the videos you create with this app can be exported to a multitude of platforms – Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Vimeo.


I will spare you the technical details, but basically a Hyperlapse is a video playing in fast-forward.  What this means is that if you want 15 seconds of video at 12 times the original speed, you will need to capture 180 seconds of original footage.  Below is a breakdown of how long your video footage needs to be in order to successfully upload to Instagram or Vine.  Both media platforms have a limit to video length; Instagram being 15 seconds and Vine being 6 seconds.

Instagram (you need x length of footage at y speed):

1-15 Seconds 1x
16-30 Seconds 2x
31-60 Seconds 4x
61-90 Seconds 6x
91-120 Seconds 8x
121-150 Seconds 10x
151-180 Seconds 12x


Vine (you need x length of footage at y speed):

1-6 Seconds 1x
7-12 Seconds 2x
13-24 Seconds 4x
25-36 Seconds 6x
37-48 Seconds 8x
49-60 Seconds 10x
61-120 Seconds 12x


Now that you know how much video footage you need, it’s time to figure out what to capture. You are only bound by the limits of your creativity, but if you need some help getting your creative juices flowing it’s best to treat Hyperlapse like Snapchat.  Capturing unique and/or exclusive content is your best bet. To give you an idea of what other marketers are doing with Hyperlapse, take a look at some of these popular videos.

Want to walk around the White House? Take a 15-second tour right now! #Hyperlapse

The White House (@whitehouse) tarafından paylaşılan bir video ()

Creating with #hyperlapse is going to be a lot of fun. Well played @instagram #ants

A video posted by Jake Hiller (@jmayerhiller) on

Another tip is to vary the types of motion and panning in your video. The app has a really nice movement stabilizer. Lucas Perlove, of Shutterstock, made this Hyperlapse from the Brooklyn Bridge to illustrate just how great this feature truly is:

I was determined to get some lateral tracking into this shot. #brooklynbridge #hyperlapse A video posted by Lucas Perlove (@lucasperlove) on

Once you have created your stunning video, it’s time to upload it. The app allows you to share directly to Instagram and Facebook.  I recommend uploading to Instagram as you can edit your video and add filters to take your Hyperlapse to a whole other level.

Feel free to tweet me your creations @Tom_Castronova!

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