How to pass an IT interview at Sutherland?

Most candidates usually have a similar question regarding a position they are applying for: How do I pass X interview at X company?

Here are some guidelines to pass our IT interview.

  1. Write and send your resume in English: All our vacancies across the Globe require you to be able to speak and write in English.
  2. Back your experience with examples: In most of our interviews we will use your resume as a guideline, make sure you can describe all your past experiences and accomplishments with an example that shows how great you were at that work.
  3. Study your tech skills: In our recruiting process there are written and scenario tests involved, where the skills written in your resume will be tested, make sure you have hands-on experience on all the information provided on your resume.
  4. Do not be modest: This is your time to shine, share all the information that makes you a great candidate. We are looking for analytic and creative people, eager to solve complex troubleshooting, with a positive can-do attitude who do not back from challenges and always trust themselves to learn and find the answers.

This is your great change to start an international IT Career with Sutherland. Start Here, Start Now.

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By the Bogotá Recruiting Team

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