Five Ways to Recover from a Bad Job Interview

Have you ever left a job interview feeling like it didn’t go so well?  Waiting for a call-back that isn’t coming?  Here are five ways to learn and recover from a bad interview:

  1. Write it Down – As soon as the interview is over, while it is still fresh in your mind, write down what may have gone wrong. Look back at your notes in the lead up to your next interview.
  2. Ask for Feedback – Conduct mock interviews and make sure you get specific feedback on what needs improving. Never pass up the opportunity to become a better interviewee.
  3. Identify Strengths – Think about your strengths. Reflect on which parts of the interview you are most comfortable with; focus your approach on these areas.
  4. Set up a Routine – Develop a routine which you follow before each interview. Routines ease the mind, and can help get you into the flow of the interview.
  5. Contact the Interviewer – Something that few people do, yet it can be very effective at getting your job search back online, is get back in touch with the interviewer. If the interview went well, this can help you set up the next interview. If it went poorly, the interviewer may be able to provide feedback to contemplate.

Don’t let a bad interview experience get you down. By following these tips you can bounce back and ace it the next time!

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