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The Philippines celebrated its National Language Month last August. According to Constantino C. Tejero, a renowned Filipino journalist, there are 60 million Filipinos living in 7,107 islands speaking 16 native languages, 60 major dialects, and 11 foreign languages. From this data, we can say that Filipinos are seasoned in terms of flexibility. The Filipino language’s reach runs from the country’s locality to infinity. Truly, the Filipino language is a very diverse language, and so as its people. Filipinos can adapt to other cultures and languages such as the English language easily and excellently.

The overseas Filipino workers used these flexibilities in living and working abroad. That is without neglecting their roots. Also, the arrival of Business Outsourcing companies in the Philippines opened doors to thousands of Filipinos because of their ability to use the English language effectively and excellently. The Filipino English language also helps the Filipinos get not only jobs but careers in the BPO industry such as Sutherland Global Services.

Filipinos, being culturally rich and spirited, are able to share revenues to the corporate world. It can be reflected that one of the main reasons why Filipinos make it big in the industry is because of their excellent adaptation of the English language – the Filipino English. As an example, Sutherland consistently employ and develop more than 15,000 Filipino English speakers, writers and consultants in the Philippines – all professionals thriving to meet client expectations coming from a global market setting. This proves that taking the Filipino English identity into their global aspirations does not take their nationality out of them. Indeed, Filipinos’ flexibility to adapt to most cultures enriches its national identity.

Sutherland welcomes the Filipino English users whole heartedly, providing variety of jobs ranging from voice, non-voice and other multi-channel solutions to more than 500 companies, across all industries and lines of business worldwide. In summary, the National Language Month does not only focus on the Filipinos’ use of its diverse language, but most importantly on their ability to cross boundaries and exceed excellence as a culturally diverse nation.

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