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Beat your afternoon slump with these give energy boosting foods! We’ve all seen the 5 Hour Energy commercials…Sleepy? Groggy? It’s the dreaded 2:30 feeling. When you feel the afternoon slump coming on your first reaction might be to grab a cup of coffee or a Snickers bar. While these options will probably give you the boost that you desperately need, the effects will only be temporary before you crash. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to be done with our responsibilities when we leave the office, only intensifying the crippling effects of the coma-like state you will enter post caffeine/sugar high.

Not only are the short-term effects of choosing caffeine or sugar for a mid-day boost detrimental to your performance, the long-term effects aren’t much better. Down the line, overdoing it with diuretics like caffeine and sugar can cause major health issues like diabetes. Instead, next time you start to feel the afternoon struggle coming on try out some of these foods to naturally boost your energy and improve your health!


Full of potassium and Vitamin B, bananas are your best friend when it comes to providing your body with a sustained release of energy. Not only will they provide you with a prolonged period of increased energy, but will keep your blood sugar levels where they need to be and will make you feel full so you won’t over eat.  If that’s not reason enough, they’re pretty darn tasty too!


It only takes a handful of these crunchy kernels to get the energy boost that you’re looking for. The high magnesium levels in nuts (especially almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts) help your body convert sugar into energy and keep your blood sugar levels even. Keep a bag on your desk and you’ll have all the energy you need when you start to hit the afternoon slump.


If you’re looking to ramp up your iron and protein intake, eggs are one of the best choices you can make. You might be saying to yourself, “well that’s great, but I didn’t just leave the gym. I’m sitting at my desk.” Don’t fret, I have good news! Eggs are also rich in Vitamin B which helps convert food to energy and will give you that boost you’re looking for to help you make it through the day.


Of all the foods on this list, Kale is the only one considered a superfood. Eating kale will give you all of the copper, iron, potassium, and phosphorus your body needs to stay focused and productive. If possible, you should cook your kale as it will allow your body to digest it faster and get those essential vitamins and minerals working as quickly as possible.


Eating lentils, such as chick peas and beans, is not going to give you a crazy burst of energy that sends you bouncing around the office. However, they do help to stabilize blood sugar levels which will help your body avoid the afternoon crash.

I hope that you found a few foods on this list that excite your taste buds. If not, get creative! Know that it doesn’t take large amounts of any of these foods to get the energy boost that you’ll need to stay focused and productive throughout the work day and into the evening. Also keep in mind that adding any of these items to another group of ingredients, like a smoothie or trail mix, works too! It is important to remember that this is not a comprehensive list of all foods that will help fight the dreaded 2:30 feeling. So, if you didn’t find anything appetizing here, I encourage you to do some further research. Happy eating! Cheers!

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