Emily Magtibay

By Timothy Del Rosario

Sutherland Global Services Philippines celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary this July 25.

Being the IT Business Processing Association of the Philippines’ “Fastest Growing BPO Company,” Sutherland Philippines’ 10 years of success manifests across the archipelago with its eight facilities in the Philippines, including two centers in Metro Manila.

Sutherland Philippines’ recognition as the “Outstanding Employer” of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) for three years proves its commitment to providing a rewarding work environment and as well as generating new employment opportunities in the country.

Sutherland Philippines celebrates not only its 10 years of commercial success, but most importantly its constant development and stability in terms of career growth for its 15,000 employees to date. As a testament to this, Emily Magtibay, Sutherland Philippines first employee, shares her journey from being an Executive Assistant to being the Sr. Manager for Admin and Facilities today.

Here are her thoughts about her 10 strong years in Sutherland Philippines.

Q: Prior to being part of Sutherland, where and who was Emily Magtibay?

A:  I was an Executive Assistant at a business center.

Q: How did you know about Sutherland?

A: I knew about Sutherland from the deputy manager of the business center where SGSPI leased small rooms.

Q: Why did you apply for a work here at Sutherland?

A: Actually, I was not looking for a job. The deputy manager just told me that Mr. Kumar of Sutherland was looking for an EA. Since this deputy manager knew that I was an EA before, she recommended me.

Q: What are the biggest challenges that you faced in the company? And how did you conquer them?

A: A lot. One of them was when we were starting – too much going on – hiring, getting space, arranging for press conference etc. I was the only local. The only help that was with me was an Indian colleague, who was new to the Philippines. The only guidance we received was from Kumar himself. I decided to tap on the only network Sutherland has during the time, the Bureau of Investment, to acquire everything we needed – a work space for me and my Indian colleague. Fortunately, this government sector was very helpful to those international companies starting up in the country.

Q: What keeps you motivated each day at work?

A: The everyday challenges. The everyday smiling faces. And the everyday greeters who never failed to say “Hi Ms. Ems!” each day.

Q: Who is your role model and why?

A: My mom who’s a plain housewife. I know that every mom teaches their children all the good morals in life, but my mom has a way of sticking it to your mind. I grew up without a father but my mom managed to raise me up very well. She even sent me to a good university.

Q: What skills have you improved on that have helped you reach this status in the company?

A: I gained knowledge about other culture and traditions – and I remembered them by heart. Sutherland is very diverse that you will find it hard to understand each other, especially if you did not from a multi-national company.

Q: Why did you choose to stay here at Sutherland for 10 years?

A: I am a homegrown Sutherland employee. This institution is my comfort zone. I learned so much here – and I want to pay it back by loyalty and integrity.

Q: So far in your career here at Sutherland, what are your most significant contributions to the company?

A: Being employee #1 is hard. I have to be a role model to everyone in the company. Not to brag about it, but when people learned that Sutherland Philippines’ first ever employee still works for the company – it becomes their reason to get in or stay with the company. As a result, I also have to show warmth and be a helping hand to everyone. There are times that people seek help, which are beyond my table, from me. But I always find time and ways to assist them.

Q: How did Sutherland change you and your life?

A: Sutherland changed my life big time. I got my first condominium unit on my fifth year with Sutherland.  I also got my first car this year.

Q: What advice would you give your colleagues to help them achieve their career goals at Sutherland?

A: Know what you want. Sutherland is very generous in terms of trainings. It also leads you to the path you want to take. Stick to what you want – you have to put your heart to it and enjoy! Never work for money alone – work because you simply enjoy working.


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