Lavanya Nagaraj

Day in the Life – Lavanya Nagaraj

This week for our Day in the Life of a Sutherland Global employee, I caught up with Lavanya Nagaraj who is from our Dubai, UAE location!

Lavanya Nagaraj

Dubai, UAE


4 ½ years

  1. If there was a sitcom that was about your team at Sutherland, who would play your manager, and why?

“First, I really don’t watch any sitcoms and don’t keep pace with it, and I also don’t have a team here. I am my team, and my team is me. My manager Dawn Ayres works from London, and we meet once in a quarter. I would say if she were to be described with a personality, she is akin to Margaret Thatcher – very strong willed, passionate, resilient, collaborative, and confident. She has the ability to call a spade a spade. On a personal front, she resembles my mom, and they both share the same birth date- that makes our rapport all the more special”.


  1. What would you want to tell someone who is just starting with Sutherland today?

“There may be many who underestimate the power of the BPO industry. To some, it is merely a call center, to others just a pit stop for a stop gap source of income until they find something concrete, popular and conventional. I was told the same when I chose BPO for a career in the year 2000, that this wouldn’t last and I will get bored and feel out of place. I remember packing up for 20 days to try this job out in GE where I ended up spending 9 years! Here I am, 14 years into BPOs, and still yearning to learn and do more in this ocean of opportunities, and I see myself excited as a child on the shores watching the next wave of opportunity come my way. Any business where you really wouldn’t need to go physically shake hands with your customers/ clients on a daily basis can be executed to perfection at a BPO with more efficiency, productivity and value add. That’s my definition of this domain. Having said that -I have seen how the leadership thinking aloud, and the passion to venture into just about anything beyond our chosen markets and to take the positive risk have resulted in amazing business re-engineering potential projects. There is no stopping the learning, possibilities and success in this industry from getting people to work from home where jobs don’t exist, to help a municipality manage its waste in a sustainable manner to telling a waterpark how to make their customer experience more fun and engaging! You need to experience working in this industry to get a feeler, as words just don’t describe the intricacies, complexity and the attention to detail that it calls for. So hop on aboard, and enjoy the employee experience!”

  1. What Sutherland location would you like to visit the most and why?

“I live in Dubai and go to work admiring the beautiful Burj Khalifa (World’s tallest building) every day. However, the fact that our UK offices are on the 33th level on the Gherkin in London gives me a high! It is such a unique building in the London skyline, and a very special one – I’d like to visit our UK office someday”.


  1. Does Sutherland have something to offer that other employers don’t? If yes, what and why?

“Yes- Sutherland really grooms you to expect the unexpected, take positive risks and take the plunge into success in every way. This is a truly global company. I can vouch for it.  Being in site support, the programs I am involved in makes me realize how important team work is, and no matter where the team members are spread out through the globe. Communication, ideating together, consensus and synergy is what makes a successful business and at Sutherland we live by it every moment trusting only on our people, process and technology. I have seen many companies that call themselves global, however they are so compartmentalized in every region they operate. Sutherland doesn’t subscribe to it. No matter what your background is, and what you have been doing so far, Sutherland offers you a lot of new learning”.

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