Jessica Hall

Day in the Life – Jessica Hall

This week for our Day in the Life of a Sutherland Global employee, I caught up with Jessica Hall who is from our Chesapeake, VA location!

Jessica Hall

Service Delivery & CloudSource, Executive Assistant

6 Years

  1. If we were sitting here one year from now celebrating what a great year it has been, what would we be celebrating?

“We would be celebrating how much I have pushed myself and how much I have accomplished in my role in only a year’s time!  Being in the role of an Executive Assistant, you have to be ready for anything!  I am always ready to take on a new challenge.”

  1. If you could buy one must-have item, what would it be?

“If I could buy one must-have item it would be an iPad for work!”

  1. What do you most enjoy about your job?

“I enjoy being a go-to companywide! I love that people can come to me with a wide variety of questions and tasks and know that I’m the person to get the job done.”

  1. Out of everyone you work with, who gives you the most energy and how do they energize you?

“Out of everyone I work with my boss, Shareen Korndoerfer, gives me the most energy! She is my motivator, mentor, and my inspiration for being in this role! What more could I ask for?”

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