Day in the Life - Edward Stibick

Day in the Life – Edward Stibick

This week for our Day in the Life of a Sutherland Global employee, I caught up with Edward Stibick who is from Copperas Cove, TX!

Edward Stibick

 Copperas Cove, TX

 Call Center Operations Desk/Workforce

  1. What do you see as your greatest accomplishment this year?

“I think it is a toss-up between being selected for the Supervisor Overflow Team and having my stack rank of 11. Each represents the work I’ve put into Sutherland, and I am extremely proud of each accomplishment. I hope to surpass both by the end of the year.”

  1. Who would win in a fight, a gorilla or a polar bear? Why?

“In a neutral area like NYC in central park during the fall, my bet would be on the polar bear. This is for two reasons. Number one, a polar bear on average is three times bigger than the largest gorilla. Gorillas also have problems with jaguars in one-on-one fights. Number two, polar bears are geared to hunting alone and dealing with creatures that outweigh them.”

  1. Who at Sutherland has been your biggest inspiration?

“My Biggest inspiration at Sutherland is a tough question to answer. In the beginning I looked up to Ken Bilton and Alicia Westbrook (my trainers). I then started to model my habits after the ambassadors that I had. Now I look up to my coaches who are Nabeel Bazzi, Acea Lavigne, and Lexi Sapp. I look at what they have done and shoot for that as my goal. Recently, I had some interactions with Matt Malanka. I have seen what he has accomplished and I take that into account. I would have to say it has been my whole team, those who have climbed the ranks before me that really inspire me to succeed.”

  1. If you could eat one thing for lunch for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

“I would have to say I would pick egg drop soup. It is a food I have never gotten tired of, and it’s perfect for when I am sick or just having a rough day. It was always a comfort food of mine growing up. Besides, you can literally throw anything in it and have it come out awesome. I usually make mine with chicken and shrimp when I have it on hand.”

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