David Beezer

Day in the Life – David Beezer

Hello and welcome to our first Day in the Life of a Sutherland Global Employee spotlight where we try to encapsulate some of the culture each of our locations has to offer.  In this installment we caught up with David Beezer who currently works in our Jamaica location!


Name: David Beezer

Location: Jamaica

Position: Consultant

How Long Have You Been at Sutherland Global Services?: 1 year and 3 months


  1. What has been your favorite moment at Sutherland?

“I have many favorite moments that I could share since I became a part of the Sutherland family. It’s hard to choose a favorite because I cherish them all. However, my favorite moment at Sutherland would definitely be when I was granted the privilege of engaging in a one-on-one conversation with the CEO of this noble organization, Mr. Dilip Vellodi.”

  1. What would you want to tell someone who is just starting with Sutherland today?

“I would say to that person, ‘Get ready for a journey that will definitely change your life for the best!”

  1. What Sutherland location would you like to visit the most and why?

“I’m really interested in visiting the Rochester location(s) mainly because, based on the high standards that the management in Jamaica display, I am curious as to what goes on at the hub of it all, the corporate headquarters.”

  1. Does Sutherland have something to offer that other employers don’t? If yes, what and why?

“Most definitely; Sutherland provides an environment that is conducive to personal growth. Sutherland is more than just a workplace, it’s a development center that foster relationships, growth and development in a comfortable setting. What Sutherland brings to Jamaica is a unique opportunity for an individual to not just become financially secure but to be socially empowered.”

  1. If you could have a cotton candy machine, a kettle corn machine, or a peanut roasting machine in the office, which would you want and why?

“I would say peanut roasting machine. I arrived at my decision via process of elimination. I think cotton candy has too much sugar and can cause agents to become lethargic due to the high blood sugar levels and the fact that they would be inactive (sitting and taking calls). I think popcorn is more suited for a night at the movies and is not so much suited for an office setting. Peanuts, on the other hand, are healthy and are a preferred choice for many individuals. Besides, I love peanuts.”

Thank you David for taking the time to sit down with us!

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