Day in the Life - Yogendra

Day in the Life – Yogendra Prabhu

Mumbai, referred to as Bombay until 1995 and popularly known as “Bollywood”, lies on the western edge of the Indian peninsula. With over 13 million people, it ranks first in India and seventh in the world as the most populated city.

Every day, more than 200 trains cover 465 kilometers of track, carrying more passengers than any railway on earth. Per day, they carry over half of the city’s population.

This morning, Yogendra is one of the seven million people on board the train and one of the thousands of Sutherland employees working in “the City of Dreams”. It’s close to a two-hour ride, and people are packed tightly in what officials term, “Super-Dense Crush Load”. On average, 500 people layer themselves into a car meant for only 188.

Yogendra pulls out his earphones and retreats into his happy place of musical bliss. He has just come from an hour at the gym, followed by a light breakfast.

The train arrives. Yogendra proceeds to the cabin that he shares with four of his colleagues. He and his 21 coworkers are part of Sutherland’s Global Talent Acquisition team in India.

Yogendra spends the morning on the phone with hiring managers, gathering information and requirements needed for recruiting. His role as an ICP Coordinator requires a good amount of organization. In any given week, he tracks a dozen or so job openings from the initial request, to marketing the position, to sifting through applicants, to setting up interviews, to closing out the posting when it gets filled. In effort to constantly make improvements to the process, Yogendra and his colleagues also gather feedback from candidates. He enjoys using his recruiting experience and knack for reading people to help hiring managers find their perfect fit.

He spends some time sorting through a few resumes before taking a break for lunch.

He has a balanced meal of vegetables and meat, something his wife prepared the night before. His wife is an engineering professor and a self-proclaimed vegetarian. Including meat in Yogendra’s lunch is a thoughtful gesture of love. The two wed six months ago through an arranged marriage.

Yogendra’s afternoon consists of exchanging emails with other team members in Rochester. After a full day, he is ready to go home. Although Mumbai is commonly referred to as “the city that never sleeps”, Yogendra is ready to crawl into bed after working 10 hours. It’s still the middle of the week, but come Friday, Yogendra will be heading to one of Mumbai’s other six islands to play cricket or badminton with friends.

For now, the muffled sounds of apartment living lull him to sleep.

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