Jonathan Hostetter

Day in the Life – Jonathan Hostetter

It was a long hallway. The yellowing fluorescent lights illuminated the taupe-tiled floors, buffed to a slight sheen by the soles of many who traversed the building during the day. The long stretch of beige walls were broken up every now and then by a bright, cobalt blue pillar. It was like a found 60’s Kodak Polaroid, slowly developing into the 21st century with bits of technicolor.

Striding down this corridor were Ruth and Jon, the two-person team of Sutherland’s global referrals department. Overseeing the entire inflow of referrals, they are the gatekeepers to forming a close-knit work culture of friends and acquaintances. It had been a hectic morning of chasing down personnel and information, and the two were eager to lock their eyes on something other than Excel spreadsheets.

They make their way into the cafeteria.

“Grub time!”

With a few taps on the touch-screen, Jon manages to procure a s’mores-flavored pop tart. He eyes the Philly Cheesesteak hot pocket in the adjacent vending machine. For $1.25, he could indulge in his love for Italian-inspired carbs. Maybe later. It was not yet lunch, and they were only partway through their morning lap around the floor.

Turning the corner, they run into Nicole, a fellow cubicle-mate working out of the same HIVE department.

“Taking a break already?!” Nicole teases as she walks by.

“I know right! It’s inconceivable!”

Jon’s reference to The Princess Bride elicits an eye-roll from Nicole. Nicole was the only co-worker not a fan of the 1987 classic romantic comedy.

Jon smiles. For him, the people in the HIVE department was what enabled him to get out of bed at 7:30 this morning after snoozing for two hours. In between strategizing with Ruth on how to qualify and push through as many referrals as possible and calling potential candidates, Jon engages in tabletop hoops with Jessica. If Jessica is busy, he finds himself decompressing by joining in on social media efforts – like starring in a promotional Twitter video. The video was the HIVE’s first attempt in catching up with the latest recruiting trend.

Last turn. Jon and Ruth finalize on some agreed priorities and brainstorm ideas on leveraging social media. Their program rewards employees with points redeemable for the most sought-after products on the market. To keep a steady stream of candidates and qualified hires, they routinely create promotional material reminding co-workers of the perks. They also stay on top of tracking successful hires to reward referrers. It’s a lot to keep tabs on, but they both know their work is well worth the effort; happy employees who feel connected with their co-workers make for a successful company. Ruth agrees to take on the bulk of the afternoon’s work so that he could focus on compiling data for the weekly recruiting report. Jon loves doing the weekly reports, mainly because he loves working in Excel and scrubbing data for useful and interesting insights.

They swipe in and enter the long yellow hallway. With a bit of ingenuity, they could turn the industrial stretch into a narrow hockey lane. As a member of the men’s hockey league, he would gladly volunteer for that initiative. But for now, hockey, baseball, and drums were designated as after-work activities. Maybe someday. He’s only been at Sutherland for a year and a half. Perhaps with a bit more time, he’d make some connections with Employee Engagement and offer his “extra-work-ular” skills.

Back to his desk… where all of Sutherland’s referrers await his expertise and guidance.

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