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“Waffles or cereal?”

Danielle looks intently at two hazel-eyed and blond-haired girls. One was fidgeting with her pigtails; the other had her head angled to one side. Thinking.


Danielle grabs a half-finished box of Frosted Flakes.

“Joey! Where do you think you’re going?!”

She bends down and picks up a drooling baby boy. Joey just learned to crawl and was attempting to explore beyond the half-opened pantry door.

It was a typical morning. Danielle had gotten up at 6 am. It was nearing eight now.

Breakfast. Check. Backpacks ready. Check.

She takes the girls to the bus stop and begins her daily drive to drop off the baby with her sister.

“The baby’s been changed and fed. Here are extra diapers and bottles for the day.”

Danielle gives Joey a final kiss and heads to work.

Being a single mom is tough. But she is not alone; out of the 12 million single-parent families in the U.S., 80% are headed by mothers. Thankfully for Danielle, Sutherland has been the ideal employer in sustaining ideal living and educational standards for her little family. She also has her partner Don to help out with taking the girls to and from gymnastics and throwing together a hearty crock-pot meal of barbeque pork. But through it all, persistence was what moved Danielle’s life and career forward.

In 2011, she started out at Sutherland as a temporary administrator. Fresh out of college, it was the perfect position to gain experience and build her resume. But what began as a temporary gig became a stepping stone for her career within the company. Her curiosity and interests lead her to join the commissions team, often traveling to Seattle and Virginia. After the program closed, she moved to the client side of Sutherland; for a few months, she updated systems and analyzed data to determine contract pricing.

Despite her knack for analytics, she had her heart set on systems. Fortunately, one of Sutherland’s values is to develop their own people; emails go out daily, notifying employees of current openings. When she saw a position for systems in the new sourcing department, she approached the hiring manager in person. A few days later, she got an interview and was promptly hired.

It’s been a couple years since Danielle’s pro-active march down to the recruiting department. Now, she begins her day sorting through the hundreds of emails received overnight. As a system administrator for People Answers, she often takes on the role as tech support, sometimes, even for the tech department.

After a morning of creating and modifying access for employees across the globe, she steps outside for a quick break. She has 15 minutes before a scheduled call regarding platform integration for Bulgaria.

“Hey Danielle!”

Michelle sits down next to her. It was a beautiful day; the smell of new grass soaking in the spring rain swept gently through the air.

The two exchange a few parenting anecdotes and head back inside.

Danielle is content. Besides utilizing her skills doing something she enjoyed, she loved her coworkers.

“They make me want to come into work every morning.”

Considering 52.3% of Americans are unhappy at work, Danielle is a lucky minority. But it’s no surprise that she attributes her happiness to the people around her; 60.6% of American employees ascribe job satisfaction to “people at work”.

It is now 2:30 pm. Danielle gets ready to train a new team member in Jamaica; she has an hour to show Sandy how to distribute leads before heading out to pick up Joey. As she waits for Sandy to dial in, she glances across the room at her officemates and smiles. Sutherland has given her a second family in addition to a rewarding and progressive career. And for that, she is happy.

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