Day in the Life – Anthony Palmer

Name: Anthony Palmer

Position: Sr. Team Manager

Location You Work From: Houston – Corporate Drive

  1. What is a typical day for you like?

My day usually starts after I stop by the awesome new cafeteria and get myself a hot cup of hazelnut coffee, before heading up to my program’s office. I walk in and greet my team and ask my Team Manager how the morning is going before heading into my office to open my laptop and check for any meetings on the day or urgent emails. I update my files with the current performance data, analyze the data, and handle any tasks with specific deadlines. I communicate with my Site Director to go over action plans for the day or week, as well as discuss any incentives that we are running. I am usually monitoring reporting for any stand out issues and communicate with my Team Manager on how we are addressing it. You can also catch me in one of the other programs in the building helping with certain issues that I have some background in. I will periodically step out into the office to mingle with the consultants, ask them questions or just crack a joke with them. In the afternoon, my evening Team Manager comes in and I touch base with him to pass along any happenings or focus items for the day.  Some days I have calls with our Workforce Team or my direct reports that I need to attend. By the end of the day I have usually spoken to many other leaders and support in the building as well as consultants from other programs that I have been part of. All in all, its tough to quantify what a typical day looks like but for the most part there are some things that are constant and don’t ever seem to change, and for my sake I hope they never do!

  1. What drives you to do your best each day?

My passion is something that I developed over time. I don’t think people wake up and say “Today I am going to do a bad job at work!” I believe that people want to do their best but barriers are in their way preventing their ability to excel. The trick is to learn to overcome those barriers. Sometimes this isn’t done alone and the people you put around yourself have a lot to do with how you react to adversity. The 5-10 closest people around you, are you. I try to do my best each day because I surround myself with like-minded individuals who are always striving to be better than they were the day before.

  1. What is your most important accomplishment at Sutherland?

I would say it was my very first Platinum Award. I was a Team Manager at the time and I had a very large team, 32 consultants. A team that size makes it difficult to touch base with everyone every single day, but I would try my best to sit with everyone even if only for a little bit. One of my consultants paid attention to this and wrote a Platinum nomination for me based on my engagement with the team. It meant so much to me, especially since it was written by a consultant that I managed and it gave me the confidence in my abilities to reach my team on a personal level.

  1. Tell us about an experience where you feel like you made a difference for a client?

I was working on a large telecommunications program and the client was experiencing very high call volume due to a technical issue on their end, so we were getting flooded with calls, way too many for the consultants we had on hand to answer. I took it upon myself to call every single consultant that was not already working from two separate sites that supported this client and offer overtime to help cover the high call volume. Consultants started pouring into both sites and we were eventually able to drop the amount of calls waiting to a manageable level. The client was in shock that we could pull this off as it seemed unlikely that we would recover at any point that day.

  1. Why do you like working in your program?

I love my current program. It is very different than the programs I have worked on before. This program has sites around the world, so it’s especially awesome to work with such great people from all walks of life. I learn something new just about every single day, and my leadership team are amazing individuals that I can easily talk to and gain insight from. Being able to work with talented and knowledgeable people drives me to become better. That’s why I like working for my program!

  1. What makes you proud of your team?

I look to foster a team-first mentality among my consultants, and I think we have achieved that. These folks make me proud by helping each other with their metrics, being flexible with their schedules to help their peers, and motivating each other to hit our shared goals. I am amazed every day by their response to adversity, when we fail we fail together but we also share the wins together and celebrate our successes as a team.

  1. What is your favorite thing about working for Sutherland?

There are several things I could choose to answer this question, but I think my favorite thing about working for Sutherland is our ability to retain our talented consultants. Sometimes programs go away for reasons outside of our control and Sutherland does such an amazing job and doing its best to move consultants from one program to another seamlessly. I have never worked at a job where your business is closing and they move you to another business without losing your benefits or tenure. I think that is so awesome that we can take care of our people, because at the end of the day, we understand your value and losing you is not an option we would like to exercise if it can be avoided.

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