Dating vs. Job Searching

By Joshua Goldstein | Josh is Sutherland Global’s Social Media Strategist. He is a proud graduate of Brandeis University where he majored in American Studies and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies. After several years as a video game tester, Josh enrolled at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. After attaining a master’s degree in Marketing Analytics, he decided to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Brand Management which he is scheduled to complete in March 2016. Josh loves horror movies and is an avid New York Jets fan.


A few months ago, a colleague of mine wrote a blog post comparing dating to your job. While I agree with many of the points he had made, there is one aspect that warrants further discussion: the follow-up.

After a promising first date, most “experts” suggest waiting a few days… 6 in fact, if you’ve seen the awesome Vince Vaughn/ Jon Favreau film “Swingers”. Six days before contacting your potential love interest to ask them out again? The idea behind waiting is to avoid coming off as overly eager. If you play it cool, it is believed that you exude confidence and can increase your perceived value in your date’s eyes.

On the other hand, when looking for a job we have completely different rules! The key is to follow up immediately! The experts recommend that you follow-up after an interview the VERY next day. Send a formal thank you note to express your appreciation for being considered right away! We never want to appear desperate or as if we are begging for a job, but we must show the hiring manager that we are motivated and eager for this new opportunity.  Best feature of a thank-you card, it also gives you an opportunity to reiterate how your skillset and prior work experience makes you a great fit for the role and an asset to the company.  Even better, take a moment to mention something that came-up in the interview that interested you; it will show that you were engaged and ready to talk more. Never forget the thank you note, an excellent opportunity to reinforce your interest in a job that you want to win!

In the dating world, I would advise against sending a thank you note no matter how amazing your date was, but why not share your enthusiasm about this new opportunity! Keep it casual though, usually a quick text or phone call will do the trick. To be fair though, I find the job search process to be MUCH easier than dating. I mean I HAVE been able to find a job… maybe it’s time to start rethinking this whole “not writing thank you notes” after a date policy. Hmmm….

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