College Dreams

College Dreams

By Timothy Del Rosario

Sutherland helps employees’ college dreams come true

Sutherland employs over 36,000 professionals across six continents. We do our best to highlight the achievements of all our employees, no matter where they are based. Today’s feature is from our Philippines location!

Sutherland Global Services Philippines and the University of Makati’s School of Continuing Professional Education (SCOPE) have made studying and finishing an undergraduate degree easier for our employees. The Memorandum of Agreement, signed by Sutherland and SCOPE officials, provides Sutherland employees the opportunity to earn degrees in Marketing Management in 10 months.

The program started in 17 October 2014 with 30 enrolling employees from Sutherland Global Services Philippines’ Carmona, Cubao and Taguig centers. The program includes 2 sections for each of its 3 modules, which include General Education, Business Core and Specialized Courses.

“Sutherland values empowerment of each employee as individuals and not as just students,” said CX Trainer Edwin Caberoy. “Having been recognized and rewarded of a chance to bring out the best of my abilities through this program makes me feel significant.” Edwin Caberoy is one of the 28 Sutherland employees to graduate from the program in August 2015.

This coming year, SCOPE will launch the program for the degree in BS Human Resource Management, with major concentrations on either Travel and Tourism Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management. Sutherland has confirmed 33 enrollees for this upcoming program.

This partnership of Sutherland and University of Makati aims to tap other professional educational programs such as Master’s degree in Business Administration with major concentrations on either Entrepreneurship or Building and Property Management. It also intends to introduce a 1-year program for a Doctorate degree in Leadership with major concentration in Business, Education and Public Administration.

“We commit to our employees’ personal and professional development.  We expand skills to match the ever-changing field of technology and the adapting workplace, giving our employees skills for life,” shared Shridhar Aiyer, Sutherland Global Services Philippines Vice President for Human Resources.  “Our organization crosses borders and industries, giving our employees here in the Philippines a world of opportunity to pursue.”


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