Profile the Promotion - Rachelle Dubois

Profile the Promotion – Rachelle Dubois

Rachelle Dubois

Windsor, ON


  1. How did you respond when you received your promotion?

I was so excited when I received my promotion. I am very passionate about this program, as I started out as a Consultant here as well. To finally become a Senior Team Manager is exactly what I have been wanting.

  1. If you had to share with a co-worker the ingredients towards being promoted, or achieving career goals, what would they be?

I have always looked for ways to be the best Manager I could be for my team. I am passionate about my job, and it shows. I am determined to be successful and enjoy the challenges that come with being a Manager. I have focused on seeking out feedback from my senior leadership ever since I became a Team Manager, and this has only made me stronger.

  1. Is there anyone at Sutherland that you would consider your mentor?

I have been with Sutherland Global Services for six years. I have had the pleasure of working with many people who have taken the time to help develop me as a leader. I would say that I have two mentors, Diane Atkinson and Umesh Manani. Diane was heavily involved in my development early on as a Team Manager, and has spent a lot of time teaching me the Sutherland and client processes. She has also strengthened my ability to create a productive and organized work environment, and has shown me the importance of having a plan, short- and long-term. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to work with Umesh, who is my current Account Manager. Umesh is a very strong communicator and builds a great rapport with his team. He has taught me the very important lesson that listening is just as important as speaking.

  1. If you could be Batman or Robin, which character would you be and why?

I would definitely be Batman. I have always been a leader in everything that I do and I take responsibility for my success, both career and personal. When I see a problem I find a solution, even if I don’t necessarily have to. I strive to constantly create the best work environment for the consultants, even as a Team Manager.

  1. Name one thing that you had to overcome in your previous role, and how did you overcome it?

I was very young when I was hired as a Team Manager, and most of my team members were much older than me. It was a challenge to get their buy-in at first. I had never managed others before this, so I knew I needed to ask for help in approaching individuals that may not fully believe in me. I believe that communication is extremely important in any leadership role, and is something I have always handled well. I decided the best thing to do was to have sessions with each individual, and learn more about them. I had these conversations often, and they paid off. I was transparent with my team from the start, and always showed them that I was passionate about not only the success of the team, but the success of each individual.


Joe Palazzo

Profile the Promotion – Joseph Palazzo

Joseph Palazzo

Rochester, NY


  1. Is there anyone at Sutherland that you would consider your mentor?

I’ve been at Sutherland Global Services for almost nine months. With the experience that I’ve gained I can’t say I necessarily have a mentor, but someone who has definitely helped me out along the way is Jim O’Dell. Jim was my Senior Consultant and Trainer. The thing that stood out most about Jim was that he was very knowledgeable, kind, and always willing to help out.

  1. What changes do you feel like you can implement in your new role?

One change I feel that I can implement is to bring more of a family feel to the work environment. As we all know, there are certain situations in the workplace that can cause stress and irritation. I think I bring a very welcoming feel to Sutherland, and people will be more inclined to ask me for help.

  1. So far in your career at Sutherland, what are your three most important accomplishments?

My three most important accomplishments are achieving the top-level of sales for my commission plan, being asked to interview for the Senior Consultant position after just seven months of working here, and getting the promotion to Senior Consultant.

  1. What would a successful first year in your new position look like?

A successful first year for me in my new position would be to maintain the relationship that I have with my current co-workers, as well as building a great relationship with new hires. I would love to see my team perform above and beyond expectations. Also, getting accepted into the LEAD program would really add to a successful first year.

  1. What football team do you support and why?

The football that team I support, and I have been since I was a child, is the San Francisco 49ers. I really looked up to Steve Young growing up. He was the 49ers’ quarterback throughout the 90’s, and I actually wrote a letter to him when I was in 5th grade. He sent back a signed letter as well as an autographed card.