Fernando Romero

Platinum Performer – Fernando Romero De La Hoz

Platinum Performer

Fernando Romero De La Hoz

Barranquilla, Colombia


  1. What skills would you say you have improved on in the last year that have helped you to reach Platinum Performer status?

I have greatly improved my teamwork skills. I’ve learned it’s not about waiting for results, but working with the team to achieve objectives and meet KPIs. I try every day to motivate my team by having a positive attitude and doing various activities that make them feel inspired.

  1. How would you explain your job in one sentence to an eight year old?

I have a nine year old sister, and when she asks me about my job I tell her that I am a leader. I explain that I help my team achieve goals, and I show them the best way to do their job.

  1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

“The Team Manager Of The People”

  1. Describe yourself in three words?           

Integral, Entrepreneur, Responsible

  1. What kind of drive, dedication, routine, and commitment did it take to get to this point?

I like to instill confidence in the people I work with. The well-being of my team always comes first. I like to talk about their personal lives so I am able to identify the root cause of any behaviors that may be affecting their work. Every day when I get to the production floor I greet all of the Consultants. I come in each day with the best attitude to generate positive energy. I like to encourage a competitive spirit amongst the Consultants in my group, so I’m constantly running contests based on the results of their KPIs. I think my success is due to the management philosophy I have adopted. A Manager should not only be a boss, but a leader. I believe in working with my team to get results, not demanding them.


Platinum Performer- Kelly Culler

Platinum Performer – Kelly Culler

Platinum Performer

Kelly Culler

VP, Global Talent Acquisition


  1. Personally, how did it feel to be recognized as a Platinum Performer?

Gratifying. Recognition in leadership is particularly validating that I am focused on the right priority.

  1. What kind of advice can you give a fellow employee that wants to achieve Platinum status?

Find something you love, pour your heart into it, and magic happens.

  1. What do you consider your most significant project or accomplishment in 2014 here at Sutherland Global Services?

Our team has struggled with lack of technology enablement for a long time. Those services are approved now and it will transform what we do.

  1. What song best describes you?

“Boom Clap” by Charli XCX

  1. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Passionate, Decisive, Sarcastic

  1. Personally, what kind of drive, dedication, routine, and commitment did it take to get to this point?

A long career of dedicating myself to a vision and the people driving that vision. Talk to your people every day; they need to know where they are headed and your help to get there, and that it is worth it.

  1. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

“Train to Win”


Erica Douglas

Platinum Performer – Erica Douglas

Platinum Performer

Erica Douglas

Windsor, ON

  1. What song best describes you? “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. This song motivates me to do anything, and is all about having a great time and not letting anything hold you back.
  2. What kind of advice can you give a fellow employee that wants to achieve Platinum status? The best advice I can give is to work for your own satisfaction. Stats and rankings matter, of course, but you get the best work done when you enjoy what you’re doing. Setting your own targets and motivating yourself makes work easier and more fun, and everyone notices that kind of attitude.
  3. Who is your role model, and why? Aside from my mom, my role model is Julia Child. I have to say that she is the most loving and driven person in the world. She taught me that you should marry someone who loves you and encourages your passion. Also, that you can never have too much butter and chocolate.
  4. Tell me about your most significant project or accomplishment in 2014 here at Sutherland Global Services? At the beginning of 2014, I applied for a position with Quality Assurance as a Service Promise Specialist. I did not get the job, but I asked for feedback and worked on the points that were brought up to me, including helping with nesting training classes for my program. Six months later, Quality Assurance was hiring again, and this time I got the position. Joining this team was my main goal since starting at Sutherland, and it felt great to achieve that.
  5. Personally, what kind of drive, dedication, routine, and commitment did it take to get to this point? We have a small program of just over a dozen people, so it’s easy to recognize the hard work that other people on this team do for each other daily. Consistently achieving my own targets, and volunteering to take on extra work to reduce the struggles of my team members, has gotten me to this point. Routine work and personal performance are the basic measurements for how well I do my job, but helping the people I work with to meet their deadlines and exceed targets as a group is what has led to my Platinum Award.
Platinum Performer - Frank Barreiro

Platinum Performer – Frank Barreiro

Platinum Performer

Frank Barreiro

Syracuse, NY

  1. What song best describes you?

“Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins


  1. What kind of advice can you give a fellow employee that wants to achieve Platinum status?

Understand the goals and expectations set by both the program and client, and then set yours to be higher. If everyone is shooting to meet the same expectations, it will take higher personal goals to distinguish yourself from the rest. Always aim higher.


  1. Who is your role model, and why?

My role model is my grandfather. Having spent the majority of my childhood growing up with a single mother, my grandfather played a large role as a father figure for not only myself, but also for my younger brother and sister. His selfless nature was something everyone around him benefited from, ensuring we were always taken care of. He recently passed away but the invaluable lessons I have learned from him are things I carry with me every day.


  1. What do you consider your most significant project or accomplishment in 2014 here at Sutherland Global Services?

One project that comes to mind was a recent one in which a few of our outbound consultants were selected to handle an inbound initiative at the request of our client. I was chosen, along with five other consultants, to take on the task. With myself being the least experienced of the group, both in tenure and in age, I felt an added sense of pride and slight pressure to perform in a manner that would not let anyone down. At the summation of the initiative, our program posted some of its highest sales numbers to date. This was an opportunity I was surely grateful for.


  1. Tell us about your daily work routine, what keeps you motivated and what prepares you for a day in the office?

My routine is fairly simple, honestly. Without getting into too much detail, I make sure I preview my day and mentally prepare notes for any significant appointments or customer interactions that I have scheduled. I have been extremely fortunate to work for a very fair and organized manager, Alex Rybczak, who is always finding new ways to motivate our team that are both fun and challenging. I am also very lucky to work alongside a group of passionate and friendly co-workers who bring out the best in one another. This kind of work environment fosters success on many levels.


  1. Personally, what kind of drive, dedication, routine, and commitment did it take to get to this point?

I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys being in a competitive environment. Whether it was playing sports growing up or watching an episode of Jeopardy, losing is a feeling I despise even more than the elation of winning. To me, sales is no different. Every lead is a potential win or loss. Admittedly, I initially struggled to find a rhythm and develop the skills needed to contribute to the program. Confidence was running low, efforts began to dip, and bad habits began to form which were no one’s fault but my own. It took a significant cut in our program’s workforce to serve as a harsh realization that I needed to increase my overall productivity on a daily basis. This turning point reignited my passion to compete, and I have since settled into a role where I can be consistently counted upon, which is a feeling that any competitor seeks. I owe many thanks to management for continuing to stick with me and recognizing any successes that have come since.

Platinum Performer - Evan Arnold

Platinum Performer – Evan Arnold

Name:  Evan Arnold

Location:  Rochester, NY

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Evan Arnold, one of our Platinum Performers. It’s not surprising that Evan is being featured as a Platinum Performer. With his ambitious attitude and consistent desire to be a brand ambassador for Sutherland, he is a true leader here. Take a look at what he had to say about his career with us.


Q: What motivates you on a daily basis? 

A: Knowing that, no matter how large SGS becomes, we are an organization driven by the growth of small entities such as the programs I support.   There is a constant drive at SGS to innovate, solve for client needs, and develop the skills of our most talented employees to lead the company into the future.


Q: What did you do to become a Platinum Performer?

A: Honestly, there is nothing I did differently than what I would normally do.  If I have the opportunity to present SGS in the best possible light for our clients and employees, I will treat it as my priority.  Everyone I interact with is my customer, and the rules for best-in-class customer service apply in every scenario.


Q: Who had the biggest impact on you becoming a Platinum Performer?

A: There are too many to name individually.  Approaching my 10-year anniversary, I do not want to dilute the influence of any individual I have had the pleasure of working with.  They know who they are, be it the folks who have led me or the people who gave me the opportunity to lead them and watch their careers flourish.


Q: Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

A: Not really, nor would I agree that I look like anyone other than my mother with a beard.  I did have the opportunity to speak with Raquel Welch once as a consultant, and when she responded with an emphatic “yes” to my asking if she was the Raquel Welch, I responded that she had the pleasure to speak with the Evan Arnold.

Platinum Performer - RJ Ancheta

Platinum Performer – RJ Ancheta

Name: RJ Ancheta

Location: Philippines


Q: What motivates you on a daily basis?

A: To be a dependable provider for my household, especially for my daughter Ysabelle. Having the opportunity to motivate others through PCCW and LEAD 100. I’m also motivated by my personal successes, but I can’t leave others behind. I always do my best to bring them up with me, succeeding together.

Q: What did you do to become a Platinum Performer?

A: I always make a list of the things I need to do on a daily basis. Making a list is not just simply jotting down words; it is carefully organizing my thoughts and prioritizing what is important. Also, determining what can wait until later.


Q: Who had the biggest impact on you becoming a Platinum Performer?

A: I have a long list! My parents, my daughter, Elden, Shridhar, Doug, Jay, my team, and other people I’ve encountered along the way at Sutherland.


Q: Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

A: No one has ever told me that I appear like one, hahaha.

Platinum Performer - Meghana Kulkarni

Platinum Performer – Meghana Kulkarni

Name: Meghana Kulkarni

Location: Mumbai – Airoli

Q: What motivates you on a daily basis?

A: The work culture here is really challenging and that’s what keeps me going. We have healthy competition, and everyone wants to be at the top. I would never want to settle for anything but the best!

Q: What did you do to become a Platinum Performer?

A: Making a conscious effort to be the best in everything I do. Challenging myself on a daily basis and taking risks. When you’re competing with yourself, the results just get better!

Q: Who had the biggest impact on you becoming a Platinum Performer?

A: My team, for sure! Each one of us believes that it’s never too crowded when you walk the extra mile. We’re like a family, and the office is a second home. We’ve bonded really well, and strive to outperform each other on friendly terms. Of course, without the continuous support of my managers and colleagues nothing would be possible.  It’s their trust and confidence in me that has helped me achieve success here.

Q: Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?

A: Well, as of now, I have never gotten that kind of compliment – I wish!

Keith Razon

Platinum Performer- Keith Razon

In this installment of Platinum Performer, I had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Razon from our Philippines location. Keith clearly embodies and demonstrates Sutherland’s five core values: entrepreneurial spirit, clients, leadership, integrity and people. He is a driven, respectful leader who takes pride in not only his own success, but his team’s accomplishments as well.

He is motivated and optimistic, and isn’t satisfied with simply meeting goals; he wants to be number one! Keith is not only insightful, but also honest and humble. He recognizes that his career at Sutherland has flourished because of his own hard work, as well as the guidance from team leaders, supervisors, and mentors along the way. Here, he explains in detail how he has achieved success in his career with SGS.

  1. What motivates you on a daily basis?
  • “My optimism and my goal to become one of the best at what I do currently as a Senior Team Manager.
  • The desire for my team to consistently be number one in our program.
  • My hunger for the development and overall improvement of agents from my team, colleagues, and our program as a whole.
  • I am motivated to make myself as effective as I will ever be in my field.
  • God, and my Family.”
  1. What did you do to become a Platinum Performer?
  • “Laid out solid and concrete action plans for the rest of the team as to how we are specifically going to meet our metrics and be the number one team for the program.
  • Provided materials and some training sessions as to how things should be delivered in the field to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  • Taught my consultants to become as optimistic as me.
  • Ensured a light and fun work environment for the team.
  • Provided daily feedback of the team’s performance.
  • Focused on outliers and recognized top performers.
  • Made myself a role model to the rest of the team to lead them in the right direction.”

3. Who had the biggest impact on you becoming a Platinum Performer?

  • “Carol David, a top performer last June, showed great improvement overall.
  • Jen Zabay, our backup apprentice who remained diligent in helping the rest of the team perform at top level.
  • Chris Cruz, our apprentice, who implemented strict compliance on daily tasks and helped out agents who needed answers to their questions, and provided best practices.
  • Account Managers Sherie Obar and Arvin Mercado, who pushed us to the limit on making sure that we perform at our peak and give out best results for the program.”

Platinum Performer – Edward Johnson

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Platinum Performer Edward Johnson about his thriving career with our Work-At-Home division. Edward has been an SGS employee since 2008. He was able to provide some fantastic insight into the process for achieving success here at Sutherland, as he has taken full advantage of the amazing opportunities available.

A self-proclaimed “techie”, Edward began his SGS career as a Sales Consultant at our Rochester location but worked hard to advance into a Technical Support position based in Syracuse. When I asked him to describe his career path thus far, he stated that one of the things he loved most about Sutherland was the “opportunity that is available – there is something for everyone!” He admitted that when he began working here, he was not expecting to find a career here. “I thought it would be a good job for a year or so, until I could find something better. What I quickly found was that not only were there tons of opportunities within all facets of SGS, but the people, values and culture were exactly the ‘something better’ I had been looking for!” Edward attributed his early success as a Consultant to the feedback he received from his coaches and managers, applying their guidance and advice toward the goal of advancing his career. “I was never afraid to ask questions, and I was eager to find and share the best practices that veteran agents were using in order to succeed”. Providing further insight, Edward also stated that the most common traits among top performers include excellent attendance, positive attitude, determination and the desire to make each call better than the last.

Out of sheer curiosity, I asked Edward to name the one chore he hated the most. His reply was that he was “not a fan of doing the laundry and unfortunately, paper clothing doesn’t seem viable in my climate!” I think most SGS employees can agree with Edward on this one. While he may hate doing laundry, Edward does have passions that extend beyond his Sutherland career. I asked him to name one skill that would love to learn. His response? Flying. “If I could learn to fly, seriously, that would be amazing!”

Wrapping up the interview, Edward informed that ten years from now, he will be “wishing my twelve-year-old was two again! Also, I am working hard to continue developing the skill set necessary in order to be prepared for the next stages of my career.” He also stated that he hopes to have mastered those skills in order to help other SGS employees advance their careers through mentoring and teaching, and perhaps even leading an account in driving Platinum Performance. “Preferably, from the comfort of my own home office!” Keep that dream alive, Edward.

As a final piece of advice, Edward added that perseverance and goal-setting are vital in achieving success, providing your career with the momentum it needs to keep pushing forward. “I knew that advancing my career wasn’t an overnight process. There would be challenges along the way, but by embracing the challenges and looking for ways to improve every day, I knew I could find success. I watched others doing it, so I knew it would work for me…and I know it can work for you, too!” Edward is proof that with hard work and determination, success is attainable for every SGS employee. We’re proud to have passionate and driven people like Edward as part of the Sutherland family.

Platinum Performer - Christopher Crawford

Platinum Performer – Christopher Crawford

In this week’s installment of Platinum Performer, I had the pleasure of speaking with Christopher Crawford, one of our top performing consultants at our Syracuse, NY location. Chris was able to give some great insight on how to achieve platinum status, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his personality.

I first asked Chris why he decided to pursue a career with Sutherland. He responded by saying, “I had been in the field of incoming calls for customer service previously and the added bonus of working with a product I know and love definitely was appealing. The challenge and competitive nature of sales definitely is a motivating force.”

Chris informed me that he has been with Sutherland for about 6 months. It’s great to hear someone so new to the company is already achieving success! I then asked Chris if he had any tricks to offer others who are looking to become a top performer. Chris said, “If you know your stuff, and work hard, the products will practically sell themselves. People essentially know what they want already. They just need you to empower them to decide”. I thought that was great advice, especially the last part. Having that skill of connecting with someone on a personal basis is key to sales.

I followed up with another question regarding career advice, specifically, for someone new to Sutherland. He said, “Hold yourself to a standard rather than settling. By doing this, you can gain pride in your work and stand out”. I thought this comment was very telling of what he previously stated, but better encapsulated his overall work ethic.

The last question I posed to Chris was for pure entertainment.  I asked, “If you could throw a parade in the office at Sutherland, what would it be and why?” He responded by saying, “A masquerade of sorts. Everyone can dress up with masks and costumes. It can be nice sometimes for people to get a chance to step outside of their skin and be something other than themselves for a while. It makes it easier to leave your comfort zone, and gives room for personal growth”. Personal growth – couldn’t have said it better myself. That is what we strive for here at Sutherland. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Be on the lookout for the next installment of Platinum Performer!




Jacqulin Rivera

Platinum Performer – Jacqulin Rivera

This week I caught up with Jacqulin Rivera who is one of our Top Performing Consultant’s at our Syracuse, NY location.  What makes Jacqulin special is that she has been able to attain success in only 2 short months.  When I asked her what kind of parade she would want to celebrate her early achievements, Jacqulin said that she would want “a parade that celebrated global cultures, since Sutherland Global Services represents that in the individuals it employs.  We are the world, and we are proof that we can get along peacefully.”

Having early success like this is certainly a praiseworthy achievement.  When I asked Jacqulin why she pursued a career with Sutherland Global Services she had this to say “I was laid off from my previous job and was in need of a new one.  After being here, it is the culture and the people of Sutherland that has influenced my desire to continue to pursue my career here.”

When I asked Jacqulin if she had any tips and tricks to offer others who are looking into becoming a top performer, she responded by saying “I hope this is not offensive to anyone, but it’s how I look at my job.  I work as though I’m working for the Lord.  That mindset sort of puts it all in perspective for me.”

I know two months isn’t a long time but when asked what her favorite moment at Sutherland thus far has been, Jacqulin said with a wide grin on her face “When I was able to put up on the board the 3 sales I made that day.  It was a BIG CHEESE moment for me.”

We all receive advice throughout our careers and the best career advice Jacqulin said that she ever received was “When you become a Supervisor or Manager over peers you had previously worked with, it’s not you who changes necessarily, its people’s opinion of you.  If your skin isn’t thick, you won’t make it.”

Lastly, Jacqulin would attribute her early success of becoming a top performer to “Showing up on time every day, putting in my best effort, and making a purposeful choice to stay positive (and some customers can really test that.)”