Can we be better?

 By Tim Del Rosario

How well do you know yourself today? Are you already the person you always wanted to be? As a young adult, we often believe that we are already doing the best that we can; and that we are already the best of who we are today.

Let us try to list down five of the activities most of us believe we are already doing best at today. First, we deal with all our fears and negativities. We face them until we conquer them. Another example is working hard. We all work very hard, don’t we?  Dreaming is another thing that we all enjoy doing. Anyway, dreaming is free for everyone.  Next is doing all the best for ourselves. Who wouldn’t want pleasure? We all want to be happy and content. Lastly, we create vision. In fact, most of us are driven by visions.

Some of our actions or behaviors listed above encourage us to think twice if we are doing things the best way we can.  What’s better than focusing on our fears and negativities? That’s focusing on positivity. The world would be a better place to live in if people would simply focus more on the positive sides of things than on the negative sides. Surely, everything will follow.

Working smart is better than working hard. It is true that working hard is good. However, we overlook the fact that working while innovating would be better. Making use of our abilities to overcome our limitations is working smart. Seeing our limitations as our challenges is working smart.

Let us adapt Walt Disney’s “imagineering” concept. “Imagineering” meant dreaming, imagining, and then making it happen. Thus, “imagineering” is better than dreaming alone. Dreaming is just simply dreaming. Dreamers imagine things they wish to happen. “Imagineers” create something out of their imagination. They experiment and explore out of their curiosity.

Doing something for others is better than doing something for ourselves. When we do things for the welfare of others, our reward in return would be greater in value; most especially when it is dedicated for a bigger thing like the country. This thought is not to aim for something big in return. But the value of what we become from here is greater.

Lastly, having a cause is better than having a vision.  To a certain extent, no one is willing to sacrifice for a vision, but people will sacrifice for a cause. Everyone possesses a vision, but a cause possesses everyone. If we live for a cause more than a vision, there is no way of losing in the end.

Learning all the circumstances mentioned; we must not settle on what we already have or what we currently practice. It is better for us to compete not with others but with ourselves. We must believe more, do more and achieve more. And if we think we already know ourselves enough; that what we are today is of our bests; let us try to rethink. Working hard, dreaming big, doing something for ourselves and having a vision are not enough. We can do better. We can be better.

<< Look for these facts daily! There will be one FALSE fact each month. See if you can spot them. If you do, let us know!

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