Breaking the Ice – 5 Ways to Adjust to a New Workplace

Being the new person in the office can be a little intimidating for some, and at times, we may not know how to react to others in a new environment.

You would like to fit in and make a good first impression with those in your workspace. It is key to set the right tone and engage with others, so that you can carry out your work effectively and efficiently or reach out for help if needed.

Even if you’re an introvert, it is still important to play a role and interact with those in your office. Being active shows that you are a team player, reliable, and that people can trust you or reach out to you if they are in need of help with tasks or projects. To get a jump-start, here are five ways to get adjusted in your new work place:


    1. Introduce yourself – A good introduction is a great way to break the ice and get things going. You can introduce yourself and state something interesting, or tell people what you love to do, bearing in mind that things should be kept professional. Telling a joke or sharing a good work experience is also a way to give others a small introduction into your personality. A nametag could also help identify you if you’ve not yet been provided with an ID.
    1. Reach out – Don’t sit in a corner by yourself looking around. After you introduce yourself, move around and get to know the people in your workspace. Meet your colleagues and ask questions about their role or title as a means of getting a better understanding of who does what, and who can be your go-to person if you need help with a project.
    1. Engage respectfully – If you are in training, engage with the person training you. At times it is best to sit and watch what they are doing (with their permission of course), to get a better grasp of what is required of you in your new role. Rather than bombarding them with an array of questions, it is best to sit quietly and observe the steps taken and ask questions after a demonstration to get better clarity.
    1. Be professional and friendly – In a brand new environment, it is best to try and interact in a friendly manner, bearing in mind that you are with a group of individuals who are not used to the type of conversations that you have with a friend, family member, or even past coworkers. Do not make jokes that may be offensive or inappropriate. There is a time and place for everything under the sun.
    1. Communicating effectively – It’s always good to be able to communicate effectively and in a manner that shows your understanding is clear. Differentiate conversation between coworkers and supervisors. It is good to separate these conversations, as they play a role in the impression you give to your coworkers and superiors. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out to have your thoughts and opinions heard. You were hired for your expertise, so your voice matters in your new role!
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By Debra Mason | Lead Generation Specialist

I’m from the Paradise Island of Jamaica and was raised in the parish of St. Catherine. I graduated from the University of the West Indies Mona Campus with a B.A in Language Communication and Society. I love anywhere with water and can’t swim to save my life, but it doesn’t stop me from jumping in (life jacket and all). I am one of three children and I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and having chill moments that help me to unwind and enjoy the simply things in life. When I’m not working, I enjoy planning trips with my friends across the country to see rivers, falls or the beach, having a barbecue cook out, or catching a movie on the big screen. I also enjoy singing and karaoke events. My motivation in life is my family, as they have played a major role in molding me into the young woman I am today.

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