Arouse Your Audience With These Awesome SMO Tips

Glad to see that you are back!  In this post, we are going to begin to gather some insights and break down the new principles of SMO. In the previous post, we spoke of some introductory notes on what SMO is and how it’s done. This article plans to take SMO to a whole new level, giving you tips and insights, and citing examples from Sutherland Global Service’s social media accounts and our blog.

I found this article by Peg Fitzpatrick in which she introduced a whole new group of terms to better define SMO. We will break down the first eight terms listed and show an example of how Sutherland is completing this and how you can incorporate it on your page.

  • Create – Maximize your creativity with original, quality content.

This can be the biggest challenge for any company beginning the quest of pushing out content. Our team here found that this was the biggest challenge that we would face when our social media accounts were created and promoted along with the blog. However, if you are reading this current article, you are reading original content! The varying topics that we offer allow our creativity to range from industry related articles to culture overviews to just plain fun and interesting reads.

  • Relate – Create relatable content, or make your content relatable.

Our industry is very unique. Not everyone has heard of a BPO company so for us to create content for you the reader, we need to be able to give you a basic understanding of our industry. Through our BPO, Industry Leaders and Culture articles, we are able to showcase this amazing business to you.

  • Captivate– Fun and interesting content, stand out from the noise.

With topics such as #TBT, #FF, Day in the Life, Listicles and more, Sutherland is able to deliver unique and exciting content that can be enjoyed by the employee as well as the interested pool of talent reading this current article.

  • Arouse – Arouse an emotion, it is the constant of all viral success.

When creating content for SMO, you want people interested enough to say “Yeah, I agree with that. Here’s why….” Or “No, that is completely wrong. Here’s why…” Evoking some kind of response is what you want. Engaging people can be so beneficial to your company’s pulse on the general atmosphere, and it can give you a scope of what people on the outskirts are saying.

  • Enjoy – Have Fun! All the most popular media personalities enjoy it.

This is one of the coolest things, in my opinion, that Sutherland has produced where it relates to original content. Never before has Sutherland had this type of open content readily available to the public. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the company make-up. If you were to follow any large organization or corporation, they have content being generated daily and they want to make it fun. We want your feedback on this as well.

  • Share – Seek shareable content, Reciprocate sharing with movers.

This is so vital for us to be recognized. If you are reading this now, it is probably on one of our many social media accounts. It has been shared from our blog, which in turn, allows you to share this to your own personal social accounts. Please share it! Share with your friends! Share with your family! Share it with your dog! Ok, your dog won’t be able to read it, but you get the idea.

  • Acknowledge – Acknowledging others encourages engagement.

Thanks for reading this. See? How simple was that? By thanking those who take time to read your tweets, share your photos or like your statuses, it humanizes this idea of that imaginary wall that separates US from YOU. We want to get to know you, your personality and what you want to read and enjoy.

  • Contribute- Find ways to contribute desired value to audience.

This final section ties into what has been previously stated. We want to be able to produce content, get reaction and then be able to add our input to what you are saying. You are the voice of Sutherland. We want to be there for you. Thanks for reading this and make sure you stay tuned for part II of this article.

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